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The Power of Viral Network Marketing

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Author: Chris Brisson

Throughout history a virus has remained and withstood the constant changing among societies. Viruses duplicate and duplicate and over time they spread across nations. Think about a computer virus. They can reach global proportions in only minutes and sometimes seconds - by simply duplicating itself.

How would your life be different if you could expand your group across nations and into millions of peoples hands almost instantly?

This virus has become unstoppable, and has stood the test of time.

Building your networking organization has everything to do with creating a virus. Some viruses are slow while others seem to duplicate without much effort and 6 months later they are sitting on a $50,000 a month residual check. Sounds interesting doesn't it? We both know it's true, but how do you create that?

These viral strategies will enable you to put networking business on autopilot, fill your email box with leads, and truly give you the life you've always wanted while giving you maximum exposure for minimum time and money.

Making a viral campaign will actually build you an automatic source of leads day-in and day-out whether you work or not. Your virus will actually become a living, breathing, cyber organism that duplicate on it's own reaching the masses of people in the fastest time possible.

Strategy #1: Offer A Free Product Download

By offering a free product, report, or ebook download you can create a very powerful way to generate leads and to get your marketing message out. Creating a free report is very simple. In fact, you don't even have to write your report you can have someone write it for you.

Within your report you have links that point to your opt-in page on your website or replicated website. We offer our entire downline a free ebook titled "The Billion Dollar Hoax" and a free replicated website to set this virus free. This is an extremely powerful way to build your downline and to spread your networking virus.

Method #2: Find JV Partners to Market Your Free Product

If you want to supercharge your marketing message and spread the virus even faster go after complimentary websites that have your prospects in mind. By finding joint venture partners to pass around your ebook or product this will create a massive flood of prospects to your website.

Also what you can do it offer them a commission, but here's how they get the commission - have them join your organization! This is the most powerful way to spread your virus across email boxes and websites around the world.

Strategy #3: Submit Press Releases

If you want to media to pick up your story, hundreds of blog, and websites to read your marketing message send a press release. There are hundreds of press release websites out there to syndicate your release. Some free, some you must pay. The free submission services are less at from blogs and the search engines so I recommend for submitting your releases.

Try and submit 1-3 releases per month on a new event or story unveiled in your company. Don't forget to link back to your free product page.

So are you beginning to see the viral power of these strategies?

If so, be on the lookout for Part 2 of this article on more advanced ways and methods to virally build an unstoppable lead building machine.

About the author:

Chris Brisson is an expert in creating internet network marketing duplication systems and wants to show you how to create a minimum of $10,000 per month in 45 days or less. To get the Free ebook "The Billion Dollar Hoax" simply send a blank email to and grab your free articles today at:

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