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The Popularity Of Cuban Cigars

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Author: Derek Jones

The best quality cigars are hand-made. The finest and the expert cigar makers are capable of making identical cigars everyday. The rollers help in keeping the Cohiba cigars moist and wet, especially the wrapper.

The Cohiba cigar makers use crescent-shaped knives in order to form the filler. Once these Cohiba cigars are rolled and made, they are kept to dry. Finally, the cigar makers keep them in the wooden form and the uncapped ends of these cigars are cut get a uniform size. Now the cigar is completely ready and they are kept at21C (70F) and in 70% relative humidity.

Once these cigars are bought, it can be kept for storage purposes in a wooden box. In this case, temperature conditions can be appropriately adjusted. Nonetheless, if you feel that re-humidification is necessary for the tobacco, you can always do it. However, the drying of a cigar leads to loss of the original taste of a cigar.

Some of the good quality cigars use various kinds of tobacco for the filler and the wrapper. Long filler cigars are generally considered to be of the most superior quality and they use long leaves throughout. However, these cigars usually use a thread variety of tobacco leaf which is called a binder. This is used between the wrapper and the filler. This initiates the cigar makers to make cigars with more attractive leaves as wrappers.

The superior quality cigars make cigars with a wide variety of tobacco. Hence, get the best cigar from the market and indulge into the taste of it with it wonderful flavor.

About the author: Derek has been a chain smoker in his early life. His love for cigars and cigarettes and taste for tobacco lead him to try out Cohiba Cigars. With special interest in the subject he has written various articles on cigars of different brands including that of Cohiba Cigars. To know more about Cohiba Cigars, please visit:

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