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The Patriot (DVD) Review

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Author: Britt Gillette

In the years between Braveheart and The Passion Of The Christ, Mel Gibson created The Patriot - a big screen portrayal of the American Revolution against the British crown. Nominated for three Academy Awards, and including a brilliant original soundtrack composed by John Williams, The Patriot is an excellent illustration of the historical roots of American representative government. Mel Gibson stars in the lead role with his usual charismatic screen presence. In essence, this is Braveheart in the foothills of South Carolina, and Gibson's fans will not be disappointed.

The year is 1776, and in a small South Carolina town, farmer Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) is disheartened to hear of the impending American rebellion against England. A veteran of the French and Indian War, Martin is well aware of the horrors associated with armed conflict. He prefers the safety and tranquility of farm life and encourages his family to do the same. But when his eldest son Gabriel (Heath Ledger) joins the revolution, British redcoats arrive on Martin land and threaten the entire family. When one of Benjamin's younger sons attempts to help his brother, the sadistic British officer William Tavington (Jason Isaacs) cuts him down. The murder of his son inflames the passions of Benjamin Martin who changes his mind about fighting and enlists in the local militia. Hunting down British army officers with the stealth actions of a wild animal, Martin employs guerilla tactics and superior knowledge of the land in order to level the playing field against the world's greatest army.

As British General Cornwallis moves his troops into the South Carolina area, Martin leads a band of militiamen who successfully sabotage British supplies, bomb British ships anchored in Charleston, and pluck off redcoats one-by-one. Fighting side by side with his eldest son, Martin hopes to hold off the British advance long enough to receive aid from the French. He also hopes to avenge the murder of his son and give birth to a new nation. But another chance encounter with Tavington results in Gabriel's death on the battlefield.

As the American Revolution gains ground against the British forces, Martin engages in a series of bloody conflicts - one of which leads to the inevitable showdown between himself and Tavington, the man who murdered his sons.

Released in late June of 2000, just a few days before Independence Day, The Patriot is a well-written, action packed foray into the world of Colonial rebellion. Its stunning portrayal of the American Revolution inspires every viewer who retains a modicum of patriotism for the American experiment, and the fight for freedom makes for a worthy subject. One of Mel Gibson's best movies, The Patriot offers scene after scene of majestic landscapes, elegant soundtrack music, and an overall story dripping with action and suspense. If you loved Braveheart, then you'll definitely enjoy The Patriot. Its similar depiction of an honorable and heroic figure fighting for the freedom of his countrymen makes The Patriot a must-see film for the ages.

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