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The Mother – Harnessing An Onslaught

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Author: Tushar Jain

In many ways, preventing this from being a plaintive and plangent panegyric, I would like to interpolate and expound, as I shortly shall, in regard to the less-furnished and integral ambit of a mother, a subtle thing of no mercenary protocol, being the kernel of everything that is beatific and beating, stands on ceremony and reveres in the conduced delights of a basest freedom where the conditional base is not sufficiency, instead it is the elitist element of modulation. Being wary or cognizant of what one can perpetrate by the thus means of natural evolution, it is pregnant to press, the sheerest dearth of the 'mother' would have consigned to convoke the tendency of every man being born under the evolutionary susceptibilities of life and then adapting in accordance with assertion and avowal of Darwin's ramshackle, dilapidated hypothesis of origin and progeny. A mother, it is but to assert, is not a consequential creature; she is the indispensable and epitomizing criterion of the much regarded human subsistence.

Mother, so near to being a consecrated, deified object succeeding idolatry, like most entities that are expansive and liable to produce results, is sporadically put to scrutiny and as a consequence of the same, is in all likeability to be inscrutable unto damnation. Ergo, defining laconic, proper things like a table or a desk or sullied inscriptions on a postcard or a mother, where exactitude is remote and imagination is the core, a likely prejudice readily infringes. What ensues is more or less bigoted dutifully, out of subservience rather than habit.

A paradigm and a model of blissfully alien, overwrought and mawkish lenience, a mother, supplies perforce direction, one gained in knowledge cumulated through the chosen experience of handling options despite understanding them; she is the inevitable circumstance of every living creature, the repercussion of one, the aftermath of another and the selfless quintessence for resolving to a blatant continuum of reformation and restoration of a world that is neither centralized nor its obverse, but barely well-segmented.

The judgmental, moral and corporeal rights and also their cogent realization, is in fact substantiated as the most pivotal in the functioning of an attitude and even in the progress or fabrication of one where the evident paucity of a despot who can engineer, per se a mother, subsequently infer that attitude and incisive introspection instead of attributes, become liabilities. Convictions, exempting ones that are sexual, that are concomitant with maturity are apt to waylay and ambush man with stigmatizing and deprecating adversities, not likely of utter destitution, instead a sort of prostitution of humanly ways and reserve. This pornography of ethics is chronic, covertly desecrating and endemic; it ails rationale and prospect and hence, hampers totalitarian life.

A mother, in her suit of conduct, metabolizes these 'rules', these factions of ample mortal moderations, this coordination of values and virtues in her children, and makes them inherent and prospective almost like speech and the budding dexterity to walk. This elemental fact of life is sadly and strangely not even a contribution… ironically, the most resolute thing in a woman as such is simply harbored by will and love. Nothing else.

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