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The Mike Huckabee Factor

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Author: Tania Gabrielle

I know it's been Oprah's big weekend foray into politics. But there's another story that's brewing. And its effect will probably eclipse Oprah very soon.

I'm talking about Mike Huckabee. A friend asked me about him a couple of months ago. Not knowing who he was, I did the numbers. Then I told my friend, 'watch out for this man. He's going to go far.'

Since that day I've kept an eye on Huckabee. He's fulfilling his promise fast. Unusually fast. Two weeks ago polls put him in 5th place in South Carolina. Now he's leading. Without ever placing a television ad. You may think the Republican race is unpredictable from day to day. And that everything is still up for grabs.

Well, wait til you hear about Huckabee's numbers before assuming it's a free-for-all.

Mike Huckabee's name, an unforgettable one, adds up to 14/5 - the Media Number. Watch out when a candidate has this number. Yes, it took a little time before he made national news, but once people SAW him, they LIKED him. This is what the number 14/5 does. It endears you to the person you're seeing and hearing on radio, TV and the internet.

With a 14 name, Huckabee's magnetic communication with the public will even outweigh his message. Meaning, there will be many people who agree with some of what he stands for - but the main reason they're going to vote for him is entirely instinctual. They're having a strong gut reaction to his voice and his demanor. He is genuine. He's funny. He's got the magnetic personality of a bygone star.

The 14/5 Media Number also gives him the freedom to not always tote the party line. Huckabee's willingness to break with certain long-held views and stick to his own guns, makes him even more appealing.

And what about those debates. His 14 name is crucial for those as well, enabling him to come out on top, because of his endearing and humorous communication skills.

Huckabee's day of birth, 24/6, adds to his fortune. Here again he has another highly magnetic vibration. 24 ensures an effortless flow in life - everything is easily attainable. Additionally, 6 represents the 'cosmic parent.' Huckabee's folksy, down home style makes him someone you want to get to know - and invite home for dinner.

These two numbers, 14 and 24, are vital to his campaign.

In fact, going into the holidays, when campaigns go on hiatus, Huckabee is in the middle of an out-of-left-field surge in key states. Due to the suddenness of his rising popularity, he's more unscathed than other Republicans. With his 14/5 name, he'll emerge back in January in full force.

And I haven't even talked about his currently active numbers. Believe me, they are good. So is his Life Purpose Number. In fact, ALL are going to be in full force next year. 2008 is a Personal Year of amazing synchronicities for Huckabee.

2008 is shaping up to be a big year for you as well. It happens to add up to a 10 - the number of Instant Manifestation. So it's very, very important for you to know how your own personal numbers are lining up next year. Because you will manifest everything easily - good or bad.

And because there's an 8 in 2008, a big subject for you will be all things related to monee and abundance. Get your personal blueprint now at

As for the other Presidential Candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, I'll be revealing their numerology success quotient very soon.

About the author: TANIA GABRIELLE is a renowned expert in Sacred Numerology with thousands of clients around the world. She is a regular guest on Hay House Radio's Colette Baron-Reid Show. Tania has given readings at numerous seminars including recent appearances at the Tampa Convention Center and Matthew Furey's "Zero Resistance Internet Marketing Seminar." Tania Gabrielle's free e-newsletter features up-to-date explanations of celebrities, politicians and countries - how their names and numbers are creating challenges and why. She advises multi-millionaires, celebrities, religious leaders, authors, business owners, couples, parents and their children. Visit now.

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