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Author: Andy Michaels

In this article I'm going to be walking you through the second most important part of setting up your search engine optimized empire.

So what is it? What other factor coupled with your keyword dense articles will enable you to top giants like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Well it's the online equivalent of getting "votes" for your web site. It is called getting links, and it is a hell of a lot easier than you think.

What are spiders and what purpose do they serve?

Spiders are essentially programs that "crawl" sites and report back to their superior (Google or whatever search engine they were created for) what their findings are. Their purpose is to make it easy for sites to get listed in search engines.

You might be wondering, what does it mean to "crawl" a site? Well it means to visit a site and copy the information.

How do spiders work?

Spiders work by finding links to web sites, visiting those web sites, going through the content of a web site and then reporting the content of the site back to the database of the site which they are working for. Google spiders, thus, crawl sites and report the information back to Google's database. From there, the information is added to Google's search engine, and the site then shows up in Google search results. Much the same process happens with any other search engine spider.

So what does this mean to you? Well essentially by having good quality and relevant content on your web site (your optimized articles) you'll be pleasing the spiders. If you have links from other sites related to your content too you're way, way ahead of the pack.

Now here's the clever part. All you need to do to get links back to your web site is submit articles to article directories or write a press release related to your niche market. Link back to your site from the bottom of that article or press release.

Other web site owners in your niche will be looking for content to add to their own site, and will visit article directories to do so. They'll pick up your article, add it to their site (they'll have to legally keep your link in the article) so now you have other sites linking to yours all over the place! This will impress the hell out of the spiders and you'll start to rank extremely well in the search engines.

To find article directories simply go to Google and type in "article directory" you will find absolutely tons!

There's more…

As I said press releases are another great way to get links back to your web site. Not only that they are a great way to get free publicity for your ebook or web site. Write a press release and submit it to It will cost you a little to have them blast it all over the internet but it will mean that you get dozens, hundreds or even thousands of one way links back to your site catapulting you up the search engines.

I hope you have enjoyed my last few articles. Search engine optimization is a subject with mind blowing potential. Imagine if you were ranked number one in Google for a term like Viagra? You'd be a millionaire without a doubt. That's not our goal. Our goal is to rank number one for tons and tons of keywords related to our niche so we can start bringing in regular cash windfalls. Then we just create another product, get that to rank in the search engines and just keep on repeating until our monthly income is through the roof.

In my last article on this topic I am going to discuss how to get ranked in the fastest possible time.

About the author: Andy Michaels is an information publisher specializing in helping people start their own home based business. Get a no cost video showing you step by step how to create your own info products in one day without writing a single word at

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