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The Link Between Your Emotions and Your Eating Patterns

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Author: James Pendergraft

There is actually a link between your emotions and how you eat, and the reasons why a woman gains or loses weight often has a connection to how she feels at that time. There are a lot of reasons why women gain and lose weight due to how they feel. Some of the weight gain reasons include the feeling of finding solace in food when they are depressed or feeling sad. Weight loss reasons may revolve around feelings of guilt or due to bad experiences and trauma.

Weight Gain Due to Emotional Eating

Some women gain weight and wonder why. One reason that they don't know why is because they are so used to turning to food for comfort every time they feel sad or down that it seems to become the norm and they don't even notice it. They may gain the weight during a rather problematic period in their life and are eating for solace more than usual due to an increase in the emotional distress they are feeling. This then results in gaining weight during such a period. Other emotions that can trigger emotional eating or binging include boredom, jealousy, restlessness, shame, anger, and others. The spontaneity in which they eat when feeling any of these is due to the feel-good feeling that food brings, and when a person feels any of these bad emotions, they usually turn to the quick pick-me-up that food usually provides.

Weight Loss, Weight Gain, and Eating Disorders

Another well documented link between emotions and eating is the link between traumatic experiences and eating. When a woman experiences certain traumatic events in her life, there is a tendency for her to suffer from eating disorders that can lead to weight loss or weight gain. Some of these problems are results of an experience they had and this experience gets implanted in their brain and alters their eating patterns. An example of this would be the girl who was told she was fat when she was a child, was ridiculed for her weight, and was even hurt physically because of it. This can result in the girl growing up battling with eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia due to that traumatic experience. Another possible scenario when it comes to emotions, experiences and eating problems is when a child grows up without proper guidance and lack of attention. She then seeks comfort and solace in food and chances are she could end up being obese or overweight due to the constant eating she might indulge in to fill the emotional gaps that she finds in her life.

Coping with Emotions to Stop Irregular Eating Habits

While this may seem an easy enough solution to stop irregular and unhealthy eating patterns, coping with your emotions to return to a normal eating lifestyle can be complicated. Using food to cope with certain problems and emotions can be such a deep-seated habit and is such an easy one to return to that it will take time and help to wean oneself from this. The first step would be to acknowledge the presence of this problem and the next step is to find help either professionally or from someone close and supportive of you and your goals to get you to stop from seeking emotional comfort from food.

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