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The Leo Wanta Saga Pt. 2: The Story Of The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man Heats Up As Another Dead Body Allegedly Found In Swiss Bank

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Author: Greg Szymanski

It seems behind every rock there is another dead body when it comes to the incredible case of Ambassador Leo Wanta, the man holding 27.5 trillion dollars in trust for the American people as Illuminati banksters try to rip him off on a daily basis.

First there was attorney Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel to President Clinton, found dead in a Washington D.C. park just after Wanta handed him 250 million in Switzerland for the Childrens' Defense Fund, a fund both men thought was legit but turned out to be nothing more than a front for black ops money considered by insiders to be Hillary Clinton's personal slush fund.

Then there was Wanta's business partner, Kok Howe Kwong, and other associates like Freddie Woodruff and Francois de Grosseurve, all found dead, according to Wanta, "strangely for their personal belief in our Great Nation, but by betrayal of others with falsehoods and malice," pointing the finger in the direction of George H. Bush and Clinton.

And now, years later, after Wanta spent a lengthy, what he calls "trumped-up" prison sentence and now released on house arrest, the killing appears to be continuing in an all out effort by the Illuminati to get their hands on the vast sum of money in Wanta's control before it ever can be released safely into the hands of the American people.

The reason being Wanta, nicknamed the '27.5 Trillion Dollar Man', is legally holding the financial "golden keys" to a vast sum of money made right after the Cold War after he and others on behalf of President Ronald Reagan were assigned to destabilize the Russian Ruble. The profits have now grown to approximately 27.5 trillion and Wanta has ben legally appointed trustee by a 2003 federal court ruling out of Alexandria, Virginia.

And to verify the dangers behind the Wanta story due to the enormous sum of money at stake, Marco Saba of the Observatory of Organized Crime in Switzerland, a privately funded European crime watch dog group, this week had this to say about the 27.5 trillion in Wanta's control:

"In January 2006 a man named 'Jack' tried to take money from one of Wanta's accounts at UBS - Zurich. He was killed in the basement of the UBS bank.

"In March, 2006, a former undercover Swiss agent Fausto "Tato" Cattaneo, worked closely with DEA, to defeat the Cali drug cartel in Colombia and he wrote a book in 2001 about his work to investigate the whereabouts of Leo Wanta's account in Switzerland.

"He recently was arrested by former police colleagues and held jailed for a week in Zurich. He has just been released. I agree that Wanta's story is very interesting and that people want to stop him from recovering the money."

Interviewed March 23 on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, Wanta said he and Foster, as well as many other patriots working in the best interests of the U.S., were essentially double-crossed, Foster being murdered for "knowing too much" and Wanta being shackled and hidden away in a Swiss dungeon for 134 days.

Filed on Dec. 4, 1998, in Swiss court documents before the Honorable Judge Jacques Antenen on behalf of AmeriTrust Corp., one of the legal entities protecting trillions for the American people, Wanta entered the following statements about how he was being framed and how many of his associates, not on the treasonous Bush/Clinton team, were strangely and mysteriously killed.

Further, Wanta was in the middle of what turned out to be an illegal Bush and Clinton network of illegal banking drug running and other treasonous affairs in direct violation of international and U.S. law. Although a complex statement, it lists many names and account references that if investigated properly, could perhaps get to the bottom of some of the Illuminati's illegal funding and treasonous acts directed against the people of the United States.

"We have never laundered any money, since we are authorized to receive 10 percent of any and all US Government lawful seizures under our United States Agreements, as we are definitely not the alleged criminals as falsely stated by unknown State and Suisse provocateurs in some shadow, without truthful facts and Counter-Intelligence knowledge and related USG responsibilities," said Wanta in the 1998 Swiss court documents.

"My partner and brother, Kok Howe Kwong, and my associates like Freddie Woodruff, Francois de Grosseurve and Vince Foster died strangely for their personal belief in our Great Nation, by BETRAYAL of others with falsehoods and malice...."

"Based on my diplomatic situation, I was kidnapped in Switzerland and taken to New York at gunpoint, and appeared in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, USA, Docket No. 93-M-2072; whereas the Court dismissed any and all unlawful / alleged complaints of the State of Wisconsin, based on U S Government Motion as to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta - whereas the State of Wisconsin - Department of Revenue DEFIED said U. S. Federal Order and had me re-arrested in New York City with only my Diplomatic Entry / VISA without any valid arrest warrant, for continuous refusal to pay a Wisconsin civil tax assessment as a nonresident."

Regarding the present hi-jacking of the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. government, as well as his own personal role in trying to protect the American people from massive corruption, leading to what could be the eventual destruction of the U.S., he added his final comments in the 1998 Swiss court documents:

"All of my U.S. Government actions, including the U.S.S.R. ruble currency affair(the manner in which Wanta and others amassed the 27.5 trillion now protected in trust) were carried out with the full knowledge of my superiors. I personally do not intend to be fraudulently used as a Human Sacrifice to deny and cover-up the working knowledge and shared responsibility of others. Now without any doubt, we have a conscious US Government policy of ignoring reality. The American Public needs to learn what is really happening in the United States and the Sovereign State of Wisconsin, so that Civil Tax Laws can be accountable to a large and informed public, and not just generated lawlessly by delusional tax agents, whose judgments are colored by their personal needs and biases, under the color of law. To forcibly DRUG and IMPRISON me to collect unknown corporate and personal non-residency income taxes is grossly CRIMINAL, as well as a direct violation of my United States Constitutional, Civil and Diplomatic Rights. Once upon a time, " a decision which has long been regarded as the special province of the Executive Branch" - charged by the U. S. Constitution to " TAKE CARE THAT THE LAWS BE FAITHFLLY EXECUTED." [U. S. Const., Art II, Sec 3, Id at 832, 105 S ct at 1656. See also Powell v Katzenbach, 359 F 2d 234 (1965) cert denied 384 U. S. 906, 86 S ct 1341, 16 L Ed 2d 359 (1966)].

"The overall cost of closing your eyes to the State of Wisconsin's Corruption and Tax Conspiracy by acts of kidnapping/abduction on foreign sovereign soil is beyond American traditions of Due Process and Equal Protection under our United States Constitution, certainly exposing the Clinton Administration complicity and open endorsement. I was led to believe that at one time, our United States of America President William Jefferson Clinton had both the moral standing and the Presidential means to " back up" our U. S. Constitution, our Civil Rights, and Guarded Privileges, under his personal World Leadership, based on our USG sanctioned " De-stabilization of the Evil Empire."

"May God save our Great Nation from inner destruction and Misuse and Abuse of Power, contrary to our Democratic Rule of Law and the U. S. Constitution."

About the author: To learn more about the Leo Wanta saga and other stories vital to our world, go to independent journalist Greg Szymanski's and listen to his international radio show at Monday-Friday from 4-6pm central.

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