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The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 32: Average Americans Speak Out About Wanta Trillions

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Author: Greg Szymanski

Thousands of emails have flooded into the Arctic Beacon about the Leo Wanta story, making one wonder if everybody is silently thinking: "I want a piece of the trillion dollar action, too!"

Well, that's not so far fetched since the$4.5 trillion waiting in the wings, according to Ambassador Wanta and the Reagan protocols, is earmarked for the benefit of the American people.

And perhaps distributing all the stolen money equally "man by man" isn't so outlandish since men or better yet beasts like George H. Bush and William Jefferson "Bly" Clinton having been busy dividing it equally amongst their New World Order friends, of course, on strict orders by the real controllers of the Illuminati, the Jesuit Order.

There have been many expert opinions expressed on these pages about the complex Wanta trillions, but many of the more amusing and interesting comments have come from average Americans, pitching in their two cents. Here are just a few of the emails about the Wanta story:

From: Michael

To: Greg:

(Note: L or LW stand for Leo Wanta)
For what this is worth, merely speculating of course, it makes even less sense that L would be released (from jail), unless induced to accept early release in exchange for something perceived to be of extreme value to 'them'. That he was left with heart and lungs in tact is itself a mystery, given that 'they' had at least some of the funds. If obtaining critical encryption codes or account nos. or other info was an issue, and if he was the sole holder as Trustor or Trustee, then they would need him alive to eventually get it out of him. From what I understand hypnosis and advanced pharmacology could more than take care of that issue. So, what is it?

Your hypothesis about the bigger picture of the jes-u-its needing to destroy the American [protestant] republic is likely much closer to the all of it than not. Beyond the isolated fact issue of the 'money' and gaining unfettered access and control of it, is the issue of how to use an orchestrated default on the repatriation of it to bring about intensification of certain conditions inside the states and the U.S., as well as to bring about a 'reasonable cause' action by foreign banks and national authorities to crimp the hose on funds flows into the US in excess of 100M. That limitation on value seems arbitrary and almost laughable to me, because anyone could easily get around it by transacting any number of values at any level beneath it to attain an aggregate amount equivalent thereto.

If L is incommunicado with old friends and associates, it may be to protect them. The less they know, the less likely they are to become a target, and the less susceptible to manipulation, coercion etc. Can't squeeze blood from a stone, so just keep all your old buds dumb as a rock. Whatever his motives and m.o. he is likely only discussing this thing with those on a need to know basis, which brings up the question: Why is he talking to you at all, except that he needs to. The question needs qualified further, as to why he needs you or why does he think he needs you, or why is he led to believe that he needs you?

L W cannot repatriate funds into the US and expect it to have any direct benefit to the People of the states, unless there is [regime] change, and I am not talking about just the current admin. I am talking about the way the U.S. is constructed in law, and how the People have no status or standing any longer as freeman Citizens of the Union of several states. The Bill of Rights pertains only to state nationals [non-citizen US nationals] outside of the United States, District of Colombia and its federal territories [States], which are all instrumentalities thereof. The only absolute right of any US person or citizen is to 'residency' in the US. That is it. Everything operates by waiver, assent, acquiescence, presumption, and assumption. The US is in bankruptcy reorganization since 1933, but was in debt up to its eyeballs since the end of the 'Civil War'. The Rothchilds had carried on a multi-generational effort [war against the USA] to gain official government sanction to establish a private 'federal' central bank of the US, and it took them until 1913 to do it. It operated under Congressional charter for the first twenty years, and when it was to sunset in March 1933, the national emergency under NEW DEAL SOCIALIST FDR was declared, and the US has operated without lawful money or any effective 'general' common law since. 'General common law' means Constitutional law, the Constitution being a common law document [of the land as distinct from the 'sea' and admiralty-commercial-contract-military law]. Rothchilds were interested in penetrating the US so the US could become eternally indebted and brought under their dynastic control. The jes-u-its wanted to bring the US into the Vat empire, and had to find progressive ways to undermine and usurp the efforts of the protestant reformation Founders. They and all other non-catholics are deemed under Vat cannon law to be heretics. In short, the inquisition and a silent crusade to either convert or exterminate has been going on in this nation since its founding.

Why you, Greg? Why now? Why is he still pumping air? Even if his heart and mind are clear and in the right place, there is NO WAY that the cabal would ever patriate funds unless they had exclusive legal authority and control over their disposition and use. As this regime is not about creating peace and prosperity anywhere in the world, and certainly not in the US/USA, if funds were eventually patriated, the legal standing of the People as 'US citizens' would preclude them from having any common law right or benefit from it. The US Treasury and the 'Dept of the Treasury-IRS, Peurto Rico [a US territory and possession]' would be the sole beneficiaries. Anything of value in the UST is automatically liened, encumbered, and subject to seizure and confiscation at the will of the creditors on the public debt, which is now beyond even being able to make 'interest only' payments on, and which payments can only be made in gold. The US federal corp would have to be restructured and recast in a radical manner for the W Plan to ever do more than endow the UST and those who use it as their private piggy bank, along with the office of the president and offices of congress, to create negotiable instruments for new debt called 'appropriations bills'. Once the bills are signed into law, they are immediately monetized and become new public debt in the system. If the UST were to be reloaded with new funds in an immediate upfront lump, and under structured payments based upon projected cash flows from future taxes on certain long term ancillary transactions, the UST would be like a sive holding water. The IMF runs the UST and the Sec of the Treasury sits on the Board of the IMF and has taken an oath of allegiance to it, which supercedes the oath of office as Secretary of the UST. In fact, the Secretary of the UST is the Keeper, Receiver, and chief Trustee on the US bankruptcy to its creditors.

If L is not aware of these things, he needs to play catch-up and spend a few years in a law library.

From: Scott Beach

To: Greg

The U.S. Government's Fiscal Year ends on September 30, 2006. Leo Wanta's trillions will probably be released in early October. The taxes paid to the federal governmnet may then be referred to by Karl Rove as the "October Surprise."

From: Sudan Sterzey

To: Greg

Not only this Wanta story, but what about China taking money out of our economy? Did we go down Alices' rabbit hole?

From: Chris

To: Greg

I have a suggestion for Mr. Wanta.

It is obvious that should the administration acknowledge these funds, the perpetrators are guilty of a wide range of felony violations on a State, Federal, and international level.

Should Mr. Wanta have the proof that these funds were in-fact misappropriated, stolen, embezzled, et cetera, then I think he should file a criminal complaint with the United States Justice Department, United States Attorney's Generals Office, and at the same time send a copy of the Complaint to all the media.

I agree with your summation that Mr. Wanta was kept alive for a purpose. Maybe as you say a patsie. However, this is the only way to turn it around, and in doing so making it public record for all to see.

About the author: Greg Szymanski
To learn more about the Leo Wanta saga and other stories vital to our world, go to independent journalist Greg Szymanski's and listen to his international radio show at Monday-Friday from 4-6pm central.

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