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The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 29: Is Ambassador Wanta Being Used as a NWO Patsie?

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Author: Greg Szymanski

It's no secret the Vatican-led New World Order has in its evil eyes on the destruction of America. It's no secret the Jesuit Order is used as Vatican henchmen. And it's no secret they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of world domination, including total control of America's political, social and financial resources.

If this is case, then how does the does the Ambassador Leo Wanta story fit into the grand scheme of things?

Ambassador Wanta, for those readers who feel the story has fallen off the radar screen, is the former U.S. Treasury agent, assigned by President Reagan, to financially destabilize the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War.

For his efforts of raising more than $27.5 trillion in off-shore money, he was subsequently incarcerated in a Swiss jail for 133 days and then jailed on Wisconsin state income tax evasion charges for the better part of a decade.

According to Wanta, during his time of incarceration, instead of the trillions being used for the American people, the last three presidential administrations have decided to line their own pockets with the loot, using it for covert operations directly responsible for the destruction of this country.

On his release more than a year ago, Ambassador Wanta decided to retrace his financial steps and repatriate the trillions, as he was legally declared legal trustor of the massive amount of money.

In June, as reported in the Arctic Beacon, he entered into an agreement to repatriate $4.5 trillion with the money to be used for the betterment of the American economy while, at the same time, revealing how the powers that be have been scamming the American people and stealing trillions since the end of the Cold War, money used to fuel the New World Order evil agenda.

But since June, according to Wanta, the Bush administration has illegally withheld the money, saying it will release it "when we are God Damn ready."

So, that is where the story sits now, as nothing has changed from the White House's arrogant statement of Sept. 14, according to Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of the financial group formed by Wanta to distribute the trillions to the American people.

However, although nothing has changed, it is necessary with such delays to take this important story to the next level by asking the following important questions based on the fact Wanta and Cottrell appear to be fully credible but based on the fact that the Vatican and the Jesuit Order can never be trusted, especially when it comes to trillions of dollars and a Federal Reserve banking system illegally manipulated by the temporal minions of the Vatican.

Although Wanta and Cottrell appear to be 100 percent legitimate as based on court and settlement documents as well as countless hours of testimony, the question must be asked: Are they being used and manipulated by the Vatican in order to further destabilize the American economy and further debase the credibility of this country since the Vatican has no intention of releasing the trillions while, at the same time, further destroying the full faith and credit of this country?

Further, why would they let Wanta out of jail in the first place unless they wanted to use him for what they considered a greater purpose by baiting the hook with trillions of dollars and knowing full-well they had total control and would never - ever - release the money, using it all along for their evil purposes while accelerating the financial downfall of this country.

Simply put, this story must be taken to the next level - the level where the Jesuits and Vatican reside since it must be questioned whether they have again masterminded another diabolical scheme to steal trillions by using Wanta and Cottrell as patsies and, at the same time, bringing down the U.S. economy which is their main goal in the first place.

Further, ever since this editor took on the challenge of exposing the Vatican and the Jesuit Order, he has been subject to threats and constant character attacks. Although they have not worked, the Wanta story could be just another way, if the right Jesuit trump cared falls, to discredit the credibility of this lone reporter who has decided to tackle this story.

However, by exposing this possible duplicity and future "set-up" this now never can happen because the two important questions have now been addressed in an effort to "get at the full truth and nothing but the truth so help me God."

Again, the main questions addressed at the next level of this story are:

Are Wanta and Cottrell being duped and used as patsies while the Jesuits reach further their final goal of financial destruction in the U.S.? And:

Is this editor being set-up by a Jesuit "discrediting campaign" if the trillions are never released and Wanta is made out by Jesuit deceit to be something more than a truth teller?

Whatever they try, the "cat has been let out of the bag", so to speak, as it can be assured by this editor that this story may even go to further levels truth, revealing things that none of us ever thought possible.

So, as they say, let the trillion dollar chips fall where they may and let the truth, no matter how damning and revealing also fall in the proper order that Jesus not Lucifer intended.

About the author: Greg Szymanski
To learn more about the Leo Wanta saga and other stories vital to our world, go to independent journalist Greg Szymanski's and listen to his international radio show at Monday-Friday from 4-6pm central.

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