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The Legal Option For Brain Injury Victims

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Author: Manuel Salvacion

Brain injury victims can always take legal means to claim compensation for their injuries. If you are an accident victim who suffer from brain injury and has already sought a doctor, you can contact a personal injury lawyer who specializes in brain injury cases to help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

A victim who suffers concussions or head injury in an accident should watch out for symptoms of brain injury as it could cause a disability or worse, a brain injury that could lead to death.

The symptoms of traumatic brain injury include the following:

Dilated pupils
Loss of consciousness/confusion
Changes in vision (blurred vision, seeing double, intolerance of bright light)
Dizziness or difficulty balancing
Respiratory failure
Paralysis and trouble moving parts of the body
Poor coordination
Weakness/ lethargy
Slowed pulse and breathing rate
Cognitive thought problems
Loss of bowel or bladder control
Unexplained emotional outbursts

Traumatic brain injury is the type of brain injury suffered mostly by accident victims. It is incurred when the head receives a severe blow caused by an external force. High-speed car accidents and slip and fall accidents are the common cases that result to brain injury. Medical malpractice can also result in brain injury.

Traumatic brain injury has three levels:

1. Mild brain injury- Commonly known as concussions, it is characterized by brief loss of consciousness and a sense of confusion.
2. Moderate traumatic brain injury - This is caused by loss of consciousness that lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. Confusion will last from a few hours to weeks.
3. Severe brain injury - This involves a prolonged unconscious state or coma.

Brain Injury Treatment

Every brain injury is different, hence every victim responds to treatment differently as well. For this reason, a brain injury victim has to go through a personalized rehabilitative treatment plan, which includes physical rehabilitation, medication, community support programs, speech/cognitive thought rehabilitation, neuropsychological services, and other options. Together with medical professionals, psychotherapists, caretakers, and other support groups, family members can help lessen the emotional blows of brain injury.

Taking Legal Response

Aside from medical treatment, the best recourse for a victim to regain loss and damages for his injury is through the services of a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer who specializes in brain injury cases can help a victim gather and preserve evidence, build an effective case, and win the compensation that he rightfully deserves.

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