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The Importance Of A Professionally Designed Website

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Author: Wildfire Marketing Group Content Distribution Team

The web is changing how business and customers advertise and shop. A professional website costs a fraction of what a television commercial costs and can reach a far greater audience. The benefits of having a website created by an expert should far outweigh the cost of maintaining one. In order to understand the benefits of having a high quality website you must first understand what a professional website is and what it is not. One definition for professional offered by Merriam-Webster's dictionary is "participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs".

Your website should set your company apart from all the other related businesses; especially the amateurs.

A professional looking website has a unique style and design that is complete, simple, easy to understand, and easy to use. The site should also be easy to navigate. The site should answer all the likely questions that a visitor may have. Websites that are not well designed nurture negative images of the company represented by the webpage. A viewer might assume that the company is not very successful or productive from one glance if the site designer did not put some extra thought, care, and effort into creating the site. Sites that use programming code defaults have an amateur look about them. Making your website look professional does not mean you have to have video, music, and animated menus; professionalism is best portrayed by a clear mastery of basic and advanced skills and tasteful use of resources. Menus that are so complex they are difficult to use can cause a prospective client to look elsewhere for services because they have a hard time using your website. Long website intro videos can cause impatient viewers to leave your site before the video finishes, or it may prevent viewers with slower internet connections from accessing your site. Your website should be usable by a beginner, but it should not look like it was made by a beginner. Appearances are everything in the world of business.

Just the act of having a website is beneficial to a business, but the amount of benefit derived from your site depends on quality of your website. If you do not have a website for your business, you are missing out on some of the lowest cost and farthest reaching marketing available in the world. A quality website increases buyer confidence. Your website is like a sample taste of the quality of your work or product. When a customer is shopping around and compares multiple websites all offering the same service or similar products two types of sites will stand out; the sites with the lowest price and the sites with the best product or service presentation. Part of searching for products or services on the Internet is looking for the best deal. Your business may not have the lowest price, but if your webpage makes a convincing case for why your product or service is worth the extra cost you will make sales. A professional looking website will increase your credibility with viewers. Visitors assume you have credibility because information is presented in a way that is easy to locate and understand; if the information on your website is complete and presented in an easy to locate and understandable fashion, prospective clients will not have the need to contact you with questions that should and could have been answered easily by your website. A business with a website created by a skilled web designer is much easier to promote on the internet. More sites will be willing to link to you if your page has a well-polished layout; your site will also benefit more from search engine optimization because a website that is professional quality will lead to higher viewer conversion rates due to increased credibility. Having a professional website can dramatically affect your business. If you do not have a high caliber website for your business, you should consider having one made today.

About the author: Are you ready for your business to grow like wildfire? Visit the Wildfire Marketing Forum today! If you need a professionally designed website, give Wildfire Marketing Group a call.

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