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The HTC Wildfire Provides A Feature Rich Experience

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Author: Chris Westley

Whenever HTC releases a new Smartphone there is always a lot of media hype. This is understandable given the desirability of the manufacturer's phones and the new HTC Wildfire is no exception.

The HTC Wildfire utilises several methods for connecting to cellular networks and the Internet. Class 10 versions of both GPRS & EDGE provide the primary method of cellular network connections. 3G coverage gives the handset its initial method of connecting to the Internet, courtesy of an HSDPA connection at speeds of 7.2 mega bytes per second. Where available, Wi-Fi Technology utilises the signals provided by wireless Internet routers to give users and enhanced browsing experience thanks to the faster connection being made available. A number of different tasks can be carried out thanks to the ability to connect to other compatible hardware devices such as other phones and computers thanks to Bluetooth and micro USB connections respectively.

The appearance of the HTC Wildfire resembles that of several other HTC handsets yet remains unique given its dimensions. Measuring 106.8x 60.4x 12 mm it is relatively short yet wide making the handset instantly recognisable. It is recognisable as an HTC phone due to the design with its rounded corners and optical trackpad located near the bottom of the fascia. Upon its release in the third quarter of 2010, HTC plan to make available a number of colour variants including black, brown, white and red meaning it offers aesthetic appeal for style conscious users.

384 MB RAM and 512 megabytes ROM provides the internal memory. In order to store a large number of files such as music tracks or video clips etc, a micro SD slot is provided which can accommodate a memory card of up to 32 GB.

The HTC Wildfire is equipped with a digital camera boasting 5 mega pixels. This operates at a high pixel resolution which means the resulting images are of high quality. Autofocus, LED flash and smile detection if are all provided as standard which simplify the task of taking memorable snapshots even in poor lighting conditions. The popular geo-tagging facility automatically records the location at which a photo was taken and functions thanks to GPS. The camera can also shoot video as an alternative method of image capture.

The TFT capacitive touchscreen measures 3.2 inches and can display up to 16M colours within a pixel layout of 240x 320 pixels. What this means is that the display of the on screen images is absolutely top notch. As well as touchscreen navigation an optical trackpad is provided as an additional method of navigating the menus within the HTC Sense User Interface. The screen also boasts touch sensitive controls, multi touch input method and a proximity sensor. An accelerometer sensor is also built in which automatically rotates the on screen imagery dependent upon the orientation of the phone. This means the screen can be viewed in both portrait and landscape forms of making it ideal for viewing pictures and video files.

As with most of its phones, HTC has provided a full package of features and appealing design with the Wildfire, and similarly to its last few releases, it features v2.1 of the renowned Android OS, which earns the handset even more brownie points.

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