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The Greatest Sport On The Planet - Fastpitch Softball!

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Author: George Phillips

Welcome to the greatest sport on the planet - fastpitch softball.

Fastpitch softball now ranks near the top of team participation sports played in the U.S.. There is special appeal in fastpitch softball that has allowed it to steadily grow in popularity through the years. Once a person chooses to become involved in fastpitch softball, the sport seems to dominate their lives. I know it did mine, I pitched this game for 35 years, over half of my life was devoted to this sport! I pitched this game for 35 years, over half of my life was devoted to this sport! Starting from never having picked up a softball, to Regional most valuable pitcher, to our team finishing 7th in the nation.

I would rather watch a good exciting fastpitch softball game anyday, than a world series baseball game. Fastpitch softball games move faster, have more action, and you'll soon see how hard it is to hit that big old ball. The windmill motion of a fastpitch softball pitcher can send the ball to the batter at speeds equal to major league baseball pitchers. Now its pretty clear why it is hard to hit a fastball or a fastpitch softball: the batter doesnt have much time to decide!

Fastpitch softball is often characterized by a minimal numbers of runs, desperation drag bunts and delayed steals, just to score that winning run!

Due to the fact that fastpitch pitchers were so hard to find, another form of softball quickly emerged, slow pitch. Slowpitch softball, which does not require the dedication, or travel, or skill of fastpitch, became hugely popular and remains so even today. Most of the differences between fastpitch softball and slowpitch softball are designed to give the batters more dominance, and make fielding more important.

There is a vast difference between when I first started playing fast pitch softball, and todays players. When I started, back in 1958, we didn't have training videos, dvd's and cd's to show exactly how to pitch. We had to learn by trial and error, and hope we could talk someone into slipping us a few secrets of how they threw their rise ball or drop ball, or whichever pitch we wanted to learn. This is another reason for the shortage of decent fastpitch pitchers over the years, which led to slow pitch leagues being formed.

Today there is a video or dvd available that will teach you every phase of pitching, batting, coaching, and almost everything else you would want to know about playing this fantastic sport. How to be a power pitcher, how to throw a rise ball, how to throw a drop ball, how to throw a change up, how to throw a curve ball, and much more. Now anyone with the determination and desire, can quickly grasp the how to information and cut the learning curve down drastically!

For many new players just wanting to get into fastpitch softball, the place to start is getting involved in a local fastpitch softball league. Most major cities have fastpitch softball leagues, some even have both, mens and womens. Many local teams are looking for new players who have above average skills and some knowlege of the game of Fastpitch Softball.

Right here you need to decide whether you want to just play for the fun and exercise, or whether you are up to the challenge of serious competition in fastpitch softball. You will find both types of teams usually in your local leagues. It's a fun and competitive way to particpate in fastpitch softball.

Funding a "First-class" fastpitch softball program can be very costly. If you already have a fastpitch softball team, and looking for a good sponsor, you might want to consider car dealerships or companies involved in mining and exploration, as I have found both to be very receptive for sponsorships.

One last tip, for a new pitcher wanting to become an outstanding fastpitch softball pitcher is... Team up with an outstanding catcher, who knows the game, That will make you many times more effective!

Where fastpitch really shines, is at the college level... where womens fastpitch is a very competitive sport. You may have caught some of the games broadcast by ESPN showing tournament action.

Some people find the transition from recreational softball to fastpitch to be too intimidating, but don't let that happen to you!

You will be missing out on the thrill of a lifetime.

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