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The Best Places To Get Free Content Which Very Few People Know About

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Author: Wyatt Lee

Everybody knows that getting fresh content is vital to a website's success. The problem is, what is the best way to get it?

Well, there are a number of ways that you can do it. Internet marketing professionals would recommend that you go to the article directories to get instant content. But so many people are doing it nowadays, and there is also the requirement to include the author's biography, so you cannot claim it as your own.

Of course, you can also write your own content. But this is a very tedious job which involves lots of researching on your part. It could be many hours, or even days before you can write one complete article on your own.

So what is the best solution here? The key is to go to places where very few people know about, and get your ideas from there. In this article, I will share with you 4 of the best places to get free content which very few people know about.

1. Creative Commons

Creative commons is a novel and innovative licensing method that allows writers to initiate a certain project, and other parties will be given the permission to join in the project at any given time to contribute whatever they know, or any fresh ideas they can come up with. Indeed, a creative common involves a form of co-creatorship that is something like a joint venture, an idea which many believe is perfect for the digital age.

If you want to know what a creative common is all about, you can head on down to Wikipedia, a hugely popular user-driven online encyclopedia. If you intend to use works that are under a creative commons license, you can check out to find some projects with a creative commons license.

2. Public domain information

Let me explain a bit about public domain information. It basically embodies all the works that have been made in 1922 or earlier, or works belonging to authors who had passed away 70 years or more ago. This includes a large collection of creative undertakings that are waiting to be published the right way. For example, a classic piece of recipe or formula can be transformed into an eBook which you can sell or give away for free.

You can even post the same piece of work on your website without any legal limitations. There are a lot of public domain works that have already been converted in digital form.

I suggest that you go to for the best collection of these online converted works.

3. Use images as content

You may not know about this, but images do make great content as well. They can enhance the general appearance of your web pages, and help to bring more life to your website. But of course, you cannot just use any image you find on the Internet, because they are all copyrighted material, and those that are being offered on the market usually fetch very high prices.

Fortunately, it is possible for you to seek out images that are not bounded by any restrictions, and you are free to use them in anyway you want. You can find many such images at

4. Government websites

Strange as it may seem, but you can get some free contents from government websites. Basically, contents published in government websites cannot be copyrighted. The rationale behind this is that the government has prepared such content for the benefit of its people, hence it can be used freely on your website.

The bottom-line here is not to follow the crowd and do what the rest are doing. The resources outlined above are some of the best places that you can go to for unique and fresh contents. These are methods which still very few people know about.

About the author: Wyatt Lee is an expert author specializing on the subject of Internet marketing. Please visit his Internet marketing strategy blog at for all the best tips and latest news on the world of Internet marketing.

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