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The Benefits of Sports and Meditation

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Author: John Kortex

So your looking at a big at bat or a long field goal and the team is depending on you. If you hit the ball and get on base, your team will win. If you miss the kick, your team will lose. Do you think taking a few seconds before the game and meditating will do anything for you? Some people may laugh at you when you do this. Those people would be wrong because it's no different than concentrating. Matter of fact the two tend to cross over and you do not even know it.

People meditate for several reasons. Mostly people meditate for inner strength and to gain some kind of peace with whatever they are trying to focus on. Sports are no different in this respect. If you take time to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses you will find yourself succeeding more often than not.

Meditating is a good method to get rid of all your bad habits, including slumps. I am not saying you will bat 1.000 in your church's softball league, but I am saying it will make you more confident and self assured.

You will find yourself returning to meditate time and again because chances are you will never find the perfect game we all strive for. That is ok because you will find out so many other things about yourself. Most of the time you will find your eating and sleeping habits become more rounded which in turn will prepare you for whatever sport you so desire, and when you are prepared you will excel.

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