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The Basic Rules Of Speed Reading!

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Author: Joe Okoro

Does having the ability to read well have a basic rule? Or let me put it rightly, does speed reading have rules you must follow to learn how to speed read? Well the answers to the above two scenarious is yes there is a rule for reading and those rules can be applied in speed reading also. But how does it work and what are those rules?

Below is a simplification of the basic rules of reading.

1. Preview, 2. Reading, 3. Review, 4. Recite, 5. Practice, 6. Listening, 7. Quietness, 8. Purpose, 9. Openness, 10. Goal, 11. Question 12. Meaning, 13. Plan, 14. Balance

To see if you understand the above rules, we will be testing your ability of comprehension on some of them. If you can carefully fill the blank spaces with the correct answers, then you are ready to go. Now lets go.

Reading Exercises

A. The ability to analyse and assess information which will aid understanding is ____________
B. ____________ gives me a reason to do things and why i must do it.
C. The ambition to achieve my aims is ______________
D. _______________ give me an example of what i'm about learning
E. My ability to reason on ideas provided gives me ___________ of the material
F. _____________ allows me to understand as well as speed read on the information in the materials.
G. ____________ allows me to carefully assess the truthfulness of any material.

Here are the solutions to the exercise above.

A. Review, B. Meaning, C. Goals, D. Preview, E. purpose, F. reading, G. questions.

There are other rules of reading just as i have mentioned above, but let's just limit ourselves to the ones above and see how well you are able to fill the spaces. How did you fare?

Now let me explain one of the terms above. When you preview, it means you are able to glance through quickly and notice prominent information in a material such as title, sub-titles. This help you to immediately gain knowledge of what you are about reading thus enhancing your speed ability when you start reading.

As you practice reading, you will eventually discover rules that can help your ability to quickly read. Also choose a good environment and seek questions in your heart before reading a material, this will help you to discover the answers as you progress and eventually you will find out that you have immensely improved.

About the author: Joe Okoro writes about Speed Reading in his free reports. You can sign up for his courses and get additional information by visiting:

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