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The Apple iPhone 4 Provides Advanced Yet Easy To Use Features

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Author: Chris Westley

With a completely new design aesthetic and array of hot new features, including a front facing camera, super high resolution display, HD video recording, powerful new processor and much more, the iPhone 4 is an alluring new smartphone.

But is it as good as it sounds, and has it lived up to its media hype? Judging by the feedback of new users as well as gadget enthusiasts in general, the answer appears to be a resounding yes, especially when taking its sales figures into account.

There is no question the Apple iPhone 4 is one of the sleekest, most elegant smartphones available. The new design ditches the plastic casing found on previous iPhone models, replacing it with metal and strengthened glass, giving it a classy, glossy yet extremely robust feel. A metal frame which doubles up as the antenna surrounds the edges of the phone which perfectly complements the black finish of the front and back of the handset. When you hold the Apple iPhone 4 in your hand, it feels much more solid and well built than previous models, and is pocket friendly, weighing in at just 137 grams.

The 3.5 inch retina display is likely to be the most impressive you have ever seen, thanks to a pixel resolution of 640x 960, text, images and videos are beautifully presented. The term "retina" is used to describe the display as the pixel resolution is actually higher than the human eye can perceive. It is therefore easy to see why the quality of the display has been highly publicised.

To run demanding applications, the Apple A4 processor (1GHz) is used which also gives an improved user experience as far as navigating the iOS 4 user interface is concerned. Snap happy users will love the improved camera which is located on the back of the phone. It is 5MP, a big improvement of the previous iPhones, and it also now comes with a flash. The camera can also shoot HD video (720p) making the Apple iPhone 4 a solid alternative to expensive standalone digital cameras. An additional VGA camera is located on the front of the handset, which allows users to not only take photos of themselves more easily, but allows the use of the new FaceTime feature. This allows other iPhone users to engage in live video calls over Wi-Fi networks.

With all this new and improved technology, battery life is definitely a concern, especially as this was one of the major complains of previous iPhone models. However, Apple has managed to cram a larger battery with 40% extended battery life into the newly designed handset.

The Apple iPhone 4 improves upon the previous iPhone models in just about every way, making it one of the most appealing, and indeed groundbreaking phones available.

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