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Ten Reasons Women Find Buying Men Gifts So Difficult

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Author: Chris Frost

How many times have you heard women say men are so difficult to buy gifts for? How often have you sat thinking what special gift should you buy your husband? Well you are not alone, it is something many women struggle with and there are some very clear reasons why guying gifts for men s difficult.

1. Men do not like making lists and men rarely volunteer to help you build a Christmas or Birthday gift list. Women on the other hand would find it easy to fill a full page of gift ideas. This of course makes buying gifts for women easy and more difficult for men.

2. If you ask a man what he wants for Birthday or Christmas and you get a response, everything they want and ask for is typically out of budget.

3. Men tend to be critical and this makes you afraid you'll buy the wrong thing. Women value the thought behind the gift while men tend to firstly evaluate how useful the actual gift might be.

4. Men often say silly comments like, 'Oh, don't worry, you don't need to get me anything.' This kind of response is not entirely helpful and makes the whole gift buying experience difficult.

5. Women tend to overcomplicate things; they give gift buying too much though, when in fact most men would be happy with a simple gift.

6. Women tend to have 10 handbags, 10 pairs of shoes while men typically only have one of each item. This limits the opportunities to purchase more of similar gifts.

7. Just because women do not like being given gifts with power cords or gifts that require plugging in, does not mean men are not happy with these gifts. Women often rule out technical items as gifts.

8. Men are lazy, they say things like, 'Just get me socks,' when in fact they often have plenty of socks stuffed in their drawers. Asking a man for suggestions is often pointless.

9. Women often do not understand men and their enthusiasm for the latest gadgets. Just because women may not like gadgets, does not mean a man will not. But do watch out for device compatibility if the man you are buying for is a geek.

10. Men never know what they want until they see it. Men do not have the imagination that women possess. Women are able to dream up gifts and gift ideas from the comfy of their sofa.

Now we know why men are hard to buy gifts for, we need to come up with a solution. My suggestion is to ignore what they say and do not ask for advice. Resist telling them you are having trouble buying for them.

The best gift ideas are often found online and experience has shown men are most happy when they receive a fun gift that is a gadget and can be used around the home, garden or outdoors.

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