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Sweet Memories With A Golden Retriever Calendar

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Author: Nelson Williams

You don't need Cliff Richards or Julio Iglesias to help you fall in love with a golden retriever. Falling in love with a golden is easy for any dog lover. Call them cute, cuddly, or adorable - all they can do is fill your life with endless years of joy and happiness. You've seen them as movie stars, as guide dogs, and engaged as therapy dogs to bring moments of joy back into the lives of the sick. Nothing but sweet memories is all you can think of when it comes to rearing a golden retriever that has the uncanny ability to blend with a family no matter how big or small. Share a golden retriever calendar with your friends and family if you want to display your love for this breed. No one will be able to resists looking at a portrait of man's faithful friend day after day and month after month.

Many artists continue to pay tribute to the magnificent breed and let many of their works of art be displayed on a golden retriever calendar. Apart from calendars, you will find many collectibles and other works of art that make perfect dog lover gifts. Gift your mum and dad a wall plaque with a picture of their favorite golden retriever or your little sis a cookie jar or wrist band with an adorable golden retriever. When looking for golden retriever souvenirs the choice is endless. How about gifting a golden retriever lamp to light the life of a friend or loved one lost someone recently. A picture frame would be the ideal gift for a dog lover friend to bring back sweet memories of their companion.

A golden retriever calendar is a small symbol of appreciation to the much loved animal that utilizes its traits to help mankind. Gifting a golden retriever calendar is a great way to strengthen the bond between a dog lover and his faithful friend. The gifting needn't end with a calendar. You can have everyday articles like bags, mugs, towels, and even mouse pads with pictures of your favorite golden retriever. Life-size paintings or posters that adorn your living room and bedroom will speak volumes of your affection for your pet.

How about letting the passion spread by installing a golden retriever mailbox in your front yard. Don't forget there are plenty of bumper stickers and key chains that you can distribute amongst diehard golden retriever fans. A perfect gift for everyone would be a picture of golden retriever printed on T-Shirts, ties, and belts. From birthday greetings to thank you cards and Christmas cards, your golden retriever can be a part of them all. While the older ones might like the idea of receiving a golden retriever calendar, there are plenty of golden retriever stuffed toys, wooden toys, puzzles, and puppets for the kids. To spread awareness about the breed, hand over a few books to your friends.

Most dog lovers pamper their pets to the utmost, and can go to any extent to give them the best. . Gift stores on the Internet offer the kind of variety that is simply impossible in traditional stores. Shopping on line for dog lover gifts is also convenient for elderly pet owners. Moreover, online shopping saves a lot of time and you get to see the very best in gifts and collectibles of your favorite pet. So, whether it is a golden retriever calendar or a school bag for the kids, your wish is just a click away.

About the author: Nelson Williams offers more info at : He and his family live in Vermont. He brought home their first Golden Retriever when his now grown daughters were babies. His family has bred and cared for more Golden Retrievers than they can remember. With years of experience and volumes of research, the Williams offer for free, 'Secrets of Raising Golden Retrievers':

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