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Sweet 16 Party Ideas

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Author: Justin Hoopes

Every girl wants to be different and unique, and have a party that is just that. She dreams that her party will be the talk of the school. Sweet 16 parties can be anywhere from formal to just plain old jeans and still be just as fun. So why don't you get a few ideas to make this day a day she will never forget?

If she enjoys Disney movies, why not make it a princess sweet sixteen party? You can make scroll invitations with a princess theme, inviting her guests to a royal ball. Her guests can dress up in princess gowns, and the men dressed in their best prince attire. This will make for a formal, but unique party for that special girl.

Why not make it a surprise party? Invite all of her friends without her knowing that you are about to make her the talk of the school? But be sure to be very secret about it, as this will make it so it is more fun for everyone that is involved.

Another thing that teen girls love to do is just be with all their friends and have fun. Try bringing out her favorite foods and game. You're never too old for a good old fashion game of twister or squirt gun fight.

One of the biggest traditions that come with Sweet 16 Parties is the candle ceremony. The candle ceremony is looked at to be the symbol of her turning this magical age. Find that right song to play before the cake is presented, and come up with a great Sweet 16 speech to toast that special teen.

Something that you could have at her Sweet 16 is a dance floor if she likes to dance. Put on her favorite dance hits, put up some lights on the ceiling, or even spring for a disco ball. This kind of party will guarantee to be talked about for the years to come.

The fun thing about Sweet 16 party ideas is that they have endless possibilities! You can throw the coolest Sweet 16 Parties on a budget, or you can even go all out and hire a DJ or a band. You can find great Sweet 16 party supplies for great deals anywhere from your local dollar store to any online party shop. So make this day all about her! Do the things that she loves to do, and decorate with the style that makes her a unique and wonderful young lady!

About the author: Justin Hoopes has an adoring wife who helps him with his online shops to make them fun, and to offer great products at great prices. Like Sweets Perfume

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