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Stop Affiliate Commission Theft

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Author: Katherine Quirke

Are you one of thousands of affiliates getting numerous hits on your site and no conversions?

Do you wonder why you are not making the money you suspect you should be making as an affiliate?

There is a reason why and your problem can be fixed extremely quickly.

Affiliate links are really ugly and it throws the average punter off balance when they see them. They fear where the link will lead them so they quickly jump out before nk any perceived damage will be done. Lets face it we are in an age of digital corruption and fear and you cannot blame your potential customers for seeing one of those ugly affiliate links as dangerous.

Another thing is some internet users are really a wakeup to affiliate links and are just mean. They don't want you to get the commissions so they will by-pass you when they discover the truth of your links.

Theft of affiliate links is huge. Many savvy internet users will either steal your affiliate links or by-pass them completely. This is where affiliates lose heaps of valuable income.

Stealing of links is simple to do. Affiliates replace your affiliate link with theirs. Bingo your commission is lost!

By-passing of links is easy too. When users discover the real domain name of the product they just go there directly. Again you are losing valuable commission.

The question is how to overcome this problem. There are loads of affiliate cloakers on the market. They work to a certain extent but they don't completely hide your affiliate details. When a buyer clicks on your link it still shows your affiliate details still leaving you wide open for affiliate link theft and by-pass.

Recently there has been a new product released into the marketplace that is like no other. This new affiliate link cloaker has the ability to hide absolutely every last trace of your affiliate link and take the potential customer direct to the domain of the product you are an affiliate for. I have been testing it on my sites for sometime and am amazed at how smart it is. What is resulting is a higher conversion rate of my affiliate links. Of course that means more money in the bank.

If you have a website with affiliate links and you feel you are not getting the sales you deserve you really need to get an affiliate link cloaker. Hide your links and start earning money online. The cost of the affiliate link cloaker will be offset within days of purchase. But do your homework - all affiliate link cloakers are not the same. Here are some differences to look for:

- Free cloakers - minimal hiding of your links - you get what you don't pay for

- Cheap cloakers ($40) - are few and far between in fact there is only one cloaker that is currently on the market that will completely hide your affiliate links and provide free upgrades and support.

Whatever you do make sure you are stopping your affiliate links from being stolen.

I wish you much prosperity.

About the author: Katherine Quirke is an Australian based business entreprenuer. She has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and owned a number of businesses over the last 20 years. Sharing her knowledge has become a passion. Further information may be referenced at:

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