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Steer Clear Of Marital Depression

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Author: Ruth Purple

Weddings are one of the most special and exciting events that can happen in anyone's life. It is a very important occasion, for it is the beginning of a new chapter in a couple's love story. But, there is one thing that goes unnoticed soon after the magical wedding and romantic honeymoon: marital depression.

It is an adjustment problem that creeps into a couple's marriage quietly, and though it is rather common a lot of people are still unaware and has little knowledge of this condition. Marital depression may be caused by a lot of things, but the most common and usual reason is disorganization.

Men and women alike are prone to marital depression, although women are more likely to suffer from it. During the planning stage of the wedding, women are usually more deeply involved in hopes of making the whole wedding experience perfect. Even at the initial stages of a relationship, women have an inclination to create an image of what and how their marriage will be.

They often fantasize about how ideal their lives would be with their future partner as if nothing could go wrong. But, unknown to a lot of people, this kind of "harmless" planning and visualization can actually set a person for marital depression in the later stages of the relationship. The decision to get married is indeed a crucial one.

There are couples who have stayed together for quite a long time before taking the big step, but when they finally do, a lot of frustrations arise. They often forget that planning, seeing eye to eye on things and being a teamwork are qualities that are important not only during the wedding day but also in getting settled to a new life together.

In real life, there are no storybook or fairytale marriages, even if the wedding day was truly a magical one. The real marriage happens when the wedding bells stop ringing, and the realization sets in that your partner isn't as perfect as you thought him/her to be. Challenges and difficulties may come because the couple has to face an entirely new set of circumstances that they feel they are unable to cope with.

Marital depression can be avoided by keeping a healthy yet sensible marriage; one where there is open and honest communication before and after the wedding. The time and effort spent on planning and executing the wedding must be the same, even more, when preparing for the marriage itself. Have a clear picture of what will be in store for you once the honeymoon is over; there will be a lot of decision-making for sure: from how to split the budget to who does the dishes.

This will prevent unnecessary tension in the relationship, as well as frustrations, emotional breakdown and maybe even divorce. Couples must also keep in mind that romance and sex is just as important as it was during the honeymooning stage. Don't stop being romantic—find time to go out on a date or on special activities together, and remember: spontaneity is key!

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