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Starting Out In Internet Marketing - The Basics

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Author: Mark Johnson

The most important aspect before you start out in internet marketing is to research the market place. This would include gathering information about your future competitors, the products they are selling or promoting, how they sell and promote and how effective are they. The biggest mistake that a lot of people make is to jump straight in and go down the affiliate marketing route. Most people will just try and post affiliate links on a variety of social media networking sites hoping that they will get a sale. Do not do this, it will not work.

Personal branding is key to your success in internet marketing. People do business with people and people do business with people that understand. So, first of all build a strong brand around the most important part of your business which is you! It does not really matter what you are selling or promoting, the fact is that people will not buy from you unless they trust you. The real value is in the brand and that value is you.

So, after you have found the right products to sell or promote you need to build a personally branded web site which will have personal information about you and the product or service you are promoting. Once you have done this you will find that it will be a lot easier to promote your personal web site or web sites instead of just promoting the product.

After setting up your personal bio sites and lead capture pages, you now need to think of how you can effectively drive traffic to these sites. Without traffic you will not generate any sales, so it is extremely important to use several methods available to you. These will include article marketing, video marketing and social networking.

Article marketing is extremely effective. There are numerous article writing portals available on the internet that you can join for free. As soon as you have written a quality article you can then post these articles and include back links to your web sites. With a few rich keywords you will be able to drive laser targeted traffic to your web site or lead capture pages. The more back links you get will increase your page ranking on all the major search engines and more traffic generated will undoubtedly increase sales.

Video marketing is becoming more and more dominant in advertising your business or product. The days of the long sales letter are nearly over, so marketing yourself effectively by this medium is very important. The videos you produce do not need to be a work of art or particularly very long. A short three to five minute presentation to get the message across to your audience is ample. Once you have produced the video content, these can then be submitted to video hosting web sites where you can again include back links in your member profile.

Social networking is growing at an incredible pace. The top social networking site now has over 400 million members. Believe it or not, you can generate an amazing amount of traffic using these sites and it is fun too. You can include back links to your sites in your member profile.

It all sounds too easy, but these are fundamental basics for starting out in Internet Marketing.

About the author: Mark Johnson, Internet Marketer, Business Coach and Wealth Guru.
"Empowering You For Online Success"

Copywrite Mark Johnson 2010

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