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Spotting Profitable Investment Trends in 2009

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Author: Colin Murphy

I attended an overseas property trade show called OPP Live a few months ago. This was the fourth year I've been to the show and as usual it was very well organized and I met a lot of old friends plus a wide variety of interesting people who work in the industry.

The atmosphere at this years' show was very different to the previous ones though. Previous OPP Live shows were all held in very different economic environments, where profit margins were wide, the public's appetite for overseas property was insatiable, and financing for builders and buyers was very easy to come by.

As most employers reading this will no doubt agree - property companies who take too long to trim unnecessary overheads and refuse to adjust their product offering to suit a changing marketplace will soon find themselves out of business.

Meeting a Changing Markets Needs

We've certainly no intention of making those kinds of mistakes in my organisation, and judging by the recent media interest and the huge response to our Florida Foreclosure services, there is still a huge demand for property that buyers can identify as being a great value medium to long term investment. Some of our readers may also be interested in our Florida property of the week below.

Outside of the USA, Panama remains very popular due to its uniquely international economy, although there is a firm emphasis on purchasing developments that are already under construction.

Still The Best Asset Class

All in all, I remain convinced that property is by far the best asset class to invest in. It also remains a uniquely fulfilling experience. I just can't bring myself to leave surplus cash in a bank account with meager interest rates and I certainly won't be putting it in our ridiculously volatile stock markets.

But you have to choose carefully

Big profits are definately there for the taking in the property industry but your investments absolutely have to be in the right locations, at the right prices and you must research them thoroughly and examine your personal finances carefully before committing.

These are all fundamental rules to abide by in both booms and recessions. The difference is that people ignoring them will suffer a lot more now than they would have done 5 years ago.

About the author: Torcana Ltd is a property investment consultancy dealing with investments in foreclosed property, distressed property, and discounted property in USA, Spain, UK, and Panama. For more information please visit: -

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