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Sports For One

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Author: John Kortex

The word sports for many conjure up images of teams competing against one another for the honor of winning a game. But there are many sports individuals can participate in and find very rewarding. Fishing, hunting, cycling, golfing, jogging and hiking are sports that an individual can enjoy alone, just to name a few.

There are many benefits to any sport, but sports for one benefits are defined by the individual. For some, sports are a means of exercise and there is no other reward. They make it a part of their daily routine simply to be physically healthy. This in fact fits into their diet plan to help maintain a healthy weight. In this instance many times there is no enjoyment and the sport becomes drudgery.

Another and probably greater reward of sports for one is a mental benefit. Sports can and do make a person feel better which in turn affects one's health. But the mental relaxation one finds when getting out in the open and participating has far greater rewards. Our minds are too busy with everyday activities and taking the time to participate in a sport gives us a rewarding feeling and a break from daily stresses for our minds. There are many that take advantage of their sports time to listen to the news, read, or listen to a book on tape. For many this multitasking is even more rewarding.

Sports for one is a great way to take time for you whatever the reason, mental, physical or both. So get out there and reward yourself, you deserve it!

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