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Sphinx of Gizeh: Surprising Human FACE image in aerial photo

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Author: Ramon Ramonet Riu

I discover in Stern's aerial photo a new HUMAN FACE image carved very near of the Maadi hill, and also equidistant of the mysterious Sphinx of Gizeh. This proximity is very important. It's not a casuality because the causeway to the biggest pyramids there WAS NO OPEN, due the ancient wall at the queen Khenthawes "Pyramid Village".

In Gizeh plateau the causeway to the biggest pyramids remain closed ever since. So the face only was admired from the air (About the necessary helicopter, or similar fly engine, see in GOOGLE writing: helicopter Abydos temple).

In this new Gizeh's face see also a small mound in the middle of his front (between "eyes") like the indian people decorate a red "Third Eye". By the way, perhaps is possible that the great orbits of its "eyes" are collapses due some hollow inside? This signal point appears also in the Mt. Montserrat' s face from a NASA photosatellite. So, all is more enigmatic yet.

With my new discovery in Gizeh, perhaps will be possible to help the ever supposed correlation between the most greater pyramids in Gizeh plateau and other several ancient monuments in the western Nile river? Not only with the "Khenthawes Tomb", very near of the discovered FACE, but also with the Orion constellation (called "The celestial Nile").

Between the Sphinx and Maadi formation appears this tranquil huge face in aerial view. Mechanical meteorization of stone or sand was not responsible for the apparition ofthis face never presented before me. Was carved in Gizeh plateau deliberately, without geomorphology intervention.

The same phenomenon reproduced by the last sun of the afternoon is drawed in several pictures fron Egypt ancient art. Similar phenomenon appears in the maya pyramid-temple of Chichen-Itzá (Yucatán). There a serpent head every equinoce is ligthed by the last sun. The firts one allmost in the flor, and six month later in the top of the same pyramid, but in oposite side. So the maya people symbolised that god Kukulkan, after live some time in our world, back to the sky.

Due the equidistant measurement from Maadi hill to the three pyramidss, I suppose that there is somthing to be found beneath the sand and debris that was accumulated at the base of the Maadi hill during several millennia... Perhaps it was a very sophisticated solution to place there a cemetery near of the entrance to the Maadi caves?.

The ancient Egypt priest they did remember something about the "sunlight phenomenon with the God's face", because the god RA, in his ancient art ever show a big cercle over his head (the sun).

Other prove of the something underground of this new new HUMAN FACE'S IMAGE in the Gizeh plateau: this dessing during the last year has all my attention, and so I try to "play" in my PC with "Photoshop 6 program". First I change the color from a very ancient photo copied from a review and I obtained very surprising effects. See my webside, please.

More intentionality examples: In Dendera wall's temple, Athor's face was carved and painted illuminated mysteriously by a sunbeam. FACE and SUN both are there reversed (regarding the other carved scene). So, the ancient scenography below suffer great damage. It's full of simbolism.

About this new phenomenos of huge images of face never serched before my, there are more examples in my website, and others one conected by severals links:

See also similars phenomenon of several human face in aerial view in other Holy Mountains in the world. For instance in my web:

In my book: LA CARA HUMANA DE MONTSERRAT (The Human Face of Montserrat), Ed. in 1990, which I finally I have made the photolites and self-edited, since the publishing house were unable to do it. Also the distribution, photos and sales, were all done by myself, and for this reason it's probably the last one of the "artisan" books in the western world.

In my book I have collected together ideas about God and Evil which I assimilated over more than a decade, beginning at the same time as my discovery of the huhe image of human face which appears in the aerial view of the Montserrat mountain.

the image of a very circumspected bearded man (these aerial photos were part of the information gathered by a NASA satellite).

The second part I try to summarising, as briefly as possible, all that I discovered written about asses over a period of more than 50 centuries all moralising done in light and amusing way. The only connection between such varied themes is the biblical scene "The Balam's ass".

Other huge Human Face image was "excavated" in the top of several mountains in Sinai peninsula. It look like a "warrior" bust (and with two "horns" on his head). The right one, today it's already dificult to detect throught the photosatellite. This human bust was of the egyptian god Seth. This huge dessign show also a wide necklace adormment.

The egyptian god Seth, whom the greeks called Tiphon and identify with the figure of an ass, is the key of the symbolism. My subliminal intention was to refiried on God and Evil, because in the classical mediterranean culture the ass represented the horned egyptian god Seth, the forerunner of the figure later called Satan (Obiously I did not was well understood).



About EGYPT human Face:

Author: Ramon Ramonet Riu (Barcelona 2005)

About the author

Ramon Ramonet Riu (Barcelona 2005)
Catalonian (Spanish) retired Writer

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