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Solid Hardwood Floors Guide

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Author: Daniel Roshard

If you are when it plays a part in the process of choosing solid hardwood as your flooring of choice, you got a lot of decisions to perform. At this point, hardwood flooring comes when it plays a part in a variety of colors, widths as well as thicknesses. Following are some tips to guarantee that the floor buying experience is a worthwhile one.

Once you have decided with you are going to install your novel floor, you will have to measure the space to get the square footage. With solid hardwood, you will most no doubt want to have a polished installer. Have them do the measuring to ensure the measurements are accurate. They will also add extra for waste.

Once selecting the thickness of the hardwood, make sure it will fit when it comes to the height of the room. That is to say, if there was Berber carpet when it plays a part in the room before, you will need to explicate adding " product once opening and closing doors.

There are a few general questions you should ask yourself, like if you want finished or unfinished woods? Unfinished wood will require sanding and staining after the operation is installed. This would be for instances where you were unable to find a stain to fit into the rest of your decoration.

Unfinished wood is affordable to acquire, but keep in mind that among the time it gets sanded and stained, it could be only as, if not more expensive, than its pre-completed counterpart. If you opt to get pre-finished hardwood flooring, the job will be complete once it has been installed.

Another factor that will come into play is the other person that lives when it plays a part in the house with you, if you have minor children or dogs, go with a harder wood such as Brazilian Walnut as well as Brazilian Cherry. If you go with cherry, making certain is the Brazilian species, as the American counterpart is soft. Other woods that will be more modestly priced and may work, depending on finish, are the Maple and Oak. Keep away from Pine- it is way to soft to stand up to life that involves more people than just you.

As with all home improvement tasks your next big decision to conduct is whether to hire an installer or do it yourself. It is advisable to hire an installer considering they will have installed hundreds of floors as well as, chances are, this is your first one. An installer will know what kind of solid hardwood flooring will fit your needs as well as inexpensive as well as whether you should go with " or " thickness. Also, how the flooring should be installed for your situation - nail down, glue down or float? Additionally, a masterful installer will be able to take an complex measure and included waste- normatively 15-25%- when it comes to your final square footage needs. Make sure you know what the installer is recommending for you and that you agree with it.

You should remember that if you are having the floor installed professionally, that you ask each store what they overhead per square foot for installation and add that to the price of the floor itself. Also, make sure you get glue or nails, trim pieces to match your new floor as well as any other materials needed.

About the author: Daniel Roshard

Hardwood Flooring is one upgrade that can change your whole house. Educate yourself about the key things to look for when buying hardwood floors, read Daniel Roshard Hardwood Flooring articles and tips at

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