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So You Want Fast Broadband?

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Author: Ciaron Dunne

Consumers can now get super-fast 24Mb Be Broadband from Broadband Genie, the leading independent broadband comparison service at

Be Broadband waded into the UK broadband market at the end of 2005 promising (and delivering) record breaking speeds up to 24Mb - that's some 12 times faster than the current average.

Perhaps just as surprising, you can get Be Broadband (24Mb and all) from just 14.99/month, which compares favourably with other fast services such as NTL and Telewest's 10Mb broadband at 35/month, and UKOnline's 22Mb broadband at 29.99/month.

Be Broadband is currently only available in London and its surrounding areas, and is being rolled out to the rest of the UK during 2006. There is a setup fee, likely to be around 24.

About the author

Ciaron Dunne, COO. Ciaron has previously been E-Director at leading legal information provider Workplace Law Group, and an award-winning publisher and journalist. Ciaron has been involved with the development and management of numerous other websites and internet services, and has a wealth of knowledge in product development and in creating an outstanding customer experience.

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