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Simple Road Rage Can Lead to Fatalities

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Author: Ivonne Jade Agustin

We are often hindered by traffic or a slow-moving vehicle in front of us while we are driving. Many are tolerant of these factors while others act aggressively upon it and, thus, road rage accidents happen.

Many scenarios of road rage which led to fatalities have been reported. And though you are calm and a rational thinker, it is still possible to come face to face with drivers with this behavior and who present a threat to your safety.

How to React on Aggressive Drivers

When confronted with an aggressive driver, you must always keep these things in mind as they can save you from accidents.

Stay calm. Being aggressive as well won't help your situation. It can also give the other driver a reason to act violently towards you.

Get away from them. If an aggressive driver comes behind you and wants you to go faster even if you are not required to do so, simply let him pass. This can avoid a nasty confrontation that can result to injuries.

Contact law enforcers. Even if you got away from the drivers, others might still be in danger of road rage. So, it would be responsible to contact proper authorities and alert them of the said driver. Give them as much details as possible such as the make and color of the vehicle and description of the occupants.

In every road situation, it is important to act quickly and rationally. Nobody wants to be the victim of a road rage accident. So, follow the above tips and avoid suffering from injuries caused by road accidents.

Things to Remember

Though drivers try their best to avoid confrontation, there are still instances when accidents can happen. An aggressive driver may continuously honk their horns, but in rare cases, they use their vehicles as a tool for violence.

Since an aggressive driver acts irrationally, he may flee the scene after hitting your vehicle or before authorities arrive at the scene. Below are procedures that should be done in order to adequately report the accident and be compensated for the damages.

Call the authorities. Report to the authorities the accident as soon as you can so they can pursue possible hit-and-run driver or respond to your distress.

Take note of as many details as possible. Since you are unsure whether or not the other driver will leave his identification, make the most of the few moments between the period of the accident and the time he will flee the scene. Important details such as the plate number and color of the vehicle are needed for immediate apprehension of the suspect.

It would also help to get a good look of the driver and take note of his ethnicity, approximate age, sex, and built to give authorities an accurate description as there are instances when the owner of the vehicle is not the one driving when the accident happen.

Get medical treatment. These accidents may leave injuries that need to be treated immediately. Seek medical attention even if there are no apparent injuries as you may be suffering from non-visible damages.

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