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Signs of Cheating and Cell Phones

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Author: Ed Opperman

A sad but true fact is that many people in today's society must make it a point to stay on top of what the signs of cheating are, whether it be in real life, with the use of a computer, or their spouse or partners use of a cell phone. Once a person has already gone through the frustrations and pain that infidelity can and does often cause, they generally make it a habit to be well-informed on the many different signs of cheating that should be watched for in any type of relationship.

Most everyone these days owns a cell phone and they conduct a large portion of their communication through these devices. This is not only done through incoming and outgoing phone calls that are made, but often times it is done through sending and receiving SMS and text messages. Not only are cell phones commonly used for personal and business use, but individuals that commit infidelity in their relationship have realized that communication with another party can easily be done by using their cell phone, and then they simply erase text messages and other evidence of cheating.

What many of these people are not aware of is that once an innocent partner notices the signs of cheating, there is a way that they can recover erased text messages and other pieces of data even after they have been completely removed from the phone. This is done through what is known as cell phone forensic investigations. Using this type of investigation, an experienced private investigator can easily retrieve erased text messages and other pertinent data that can prove or disprove the innocence or guilt of a spouse or partner.

When you would like to uncover signs of cheating that may be recovered in erased address book entries, phone log, caller ID, photographs and graphics, and other areas where data is stored on a cell phone, consult with a professional that knows how to recover deleted text and other data, which can give you the information you need to confront ythe person that claimed to only have eyes for you.

It is important to note that SIM card readers have become widely known for damaging important data that is trying to be obtained when individuals try to retrieve deleted text using these devices. For this reason cell phone forensic investigations have become much more popular than the use of SIM card readers.

Copyright (c) 2010 Ed Opperman

About the author: Ed Opperman is the Pres of Opperman Investigations Inc and the chief investigator for If you have noticed signs of cheating please feel free to visit his web site.

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