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Selling Toronto Real Estate: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

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Author: Robert Kennedy

Selling real estate in this day and age takes perseverance, know how and a little dose of marketing genius. It is a buyer's market which means that there are more houses for sale than there are buyers to buy them. Some homes sell quickly while others languor on the market forever without attracting much attention. Even similar homes with similar price tags in the same neighborhood do not attract the same amount of attention. Bottom line: It takes a lot more than a good deal to get a buyer in this market.

If you want to sell Toronto real estate quickly and for top dollar, you need to make your property more attractive than your competitor's. You can do this by avoiding several common marketing mistakes:

• For Sale by Owner - There are many advantages that come along with selling your own home. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to market your property by yourself. An agent will be able to connect you with more potential buyers than you ever could on your own. And when you put your home on the market, you make it available to every real estate agent in Toronto. This means that every agent that has a client looking for a home just like yours will be working hard to close the deal.

• Pricing - People are buying homes, but they are looking for a good deal. Be sure to price your home accordingly. If you list your home too high, you will not attract much attention. Remember; there are other homes out there just like yours selling for bargain prices.

• Curb Appeal - Most potential buyers will drive by a home before they ever ask to see it. If you don't want to turn people off of your house before they have a chance to view its interior, you need to put some money into landscaping. If your house is peeling and bleached from the sun, paint it. Cut the grass, clean up the clutter…do everything you can to make your property more attractive.

• Staging - Staged homes sell more quickly. Why? Some people find it hard to imagine the possibilities of an empty home. They need you to show them how space can be used. They need to be able to envision their furniture and decorations in your house. Basically, they need to feel at home. Nothing accomplishes this quite like staging does.

In addition to avoiding these common mistakes, you need to be creative when it comes to marketing your piece of Toronto real estate. Host open houses. Market your home online. Do everything it takes to expose your listing to more people. Some people even like to allow charities to host events in their home in exchange for the publicity.

With a little bit of creativity, there is no end to the possibilities. If you market your home aggressively and avoid common mistakes, you will sell your property in no time. Good Luck!

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