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Selecting A Dog Crate

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Author: Kevin Gawricki

Selecting A Dog Crate

First decide which crate will suit your needs.

Wire- designed to safely confine your dog. These crates are not designed to be picked up and moved around with your pet inside.

Hard Plastic- These are designed for your pet to be carried safely inside.

Consider these basic features before purchasing a crate or carrier.

Wire Dog Crates

Offers great visibility and ventilation.
Available in folding models and many offer divider panels.
Mainly used for house breaking, crate training, a everyday crate.

Hard Plastic

Used to transport pets.
Many are approved for airline travel.
Will help to contain your pet while a vehicle.

Soft Crates

Main advantages are they are light weight, easy to transport, and easy to set up.
They can be used as a everyday crate.
These crates are not recommended for chewers or diggers.

Soft Pet Carriers

Primarily used for transport of small dogs.
Work well in the car.
Many are approved for airline travel.

Ask yourself some simple questions before selecting your crate.

Do I plan to take my pet in the car?

Is crate for home use only?

Is this crate for a puppy?

Do you need your crate to be portable?

With this in mind you will be able to select the proper crate.

Article written by Kevin Gawricki

About the author: Keivn Gawricki is owner of Dog Gone Good Stuff which he founded because of the need for a place that caters specifically to dogs and their owners specific needs. Please feel free to visit Dog Gone Good Stuff for all your dogs needs. Web address

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