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Search Engine Optimization - Even Dummies Can Attract Targeted Website Traffic

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Author: Murtuza Abbas

Do you want to drive killer targeted website traffic without spending a single red dime?

If you answered yes, make sure to tap into the power of search engine optimization.

If you know how to optimize your site on the search engines, you are increasing your chance to get indexed by major search engines and get targeted website traffic in the process.

The goal is to get your site on the top 10 for multiple keyword searches.

Here are 3 power steps you can use starting today to promote your site using search engines...

Step 1 - Website Optimization.

Step 2 - Get Incoming Links.

Step 3 - Setup a Reciprocal Linking Campaign.

Lets get down into dirty detail as to how to apply search engine marketing to promote your website...

Step 1 - Website Optimization.

Make sure to optimize your site with relevant keywords in your niche.

Use your keywords in your domain name, title tags, meta tags, header tags and top and bottom portion of your website.

Donot abuse the use of keywords. If you do this multiple times you will be tagged as keyword spammer.

Just make sure to include your keywords 2% to 3% times in the content of your website.

Next step will show you how to get incoming links to your website which search engines really love.

Having more links pointing to your site will boost up your website traffic.

Step 2 - Get Incoming Links.

Work hard to get incoming links to your website.

Quality and quantity of your inbound links will determine search engine ranking of your website.

The easiest way to get started with getting tons of inbound links to your website is by using article marketing.

Write articles and distribute them to various article directories.

Next step will show you how to setup a reciprocal linking campaign to boost up your search engine ranking.

Step 3 - Setup a Reciprocal Linking Campaign.

This is a bit boring and time consuming task. But once you have few hundred link partners you will start receiving killer traffic to your website.

You have to be sure that your website is rich in content if you want other quality websites to link to your site.

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