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Screen Recorder - The Powerful Tool for Web Designers

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Author: Adward Chan

When referring to Web design, many people will associate it with HTML languages, CSS, icon, button and so on. In order to make their Website unique and memorable, majority of Web designer put themselves into decoration and enhancement in Website performance. We don't discuss those common tools here but want to remind you another forgotten tool for better Web design, screen recording software.

Screencast has been widely used on Internet as presentation and promotion tool. Due to the visual video and direct information transmission, it takes a dominant position on tutorials and demos compared with full text manuals.

As a Web designer, your task is not only to present your nice-looking Website to visitors but also to provide good experience to them. Creating a series of guide videos helps to lead them to have a deeper observation on your site, take interest on your product/service and become your customers eventually. Besides cool homepage, clear navigation bar and engaging intro texts, making screencast with screen recording software can also make visitor stay longer and bring business opportunities.

Here is how it works.

Record screencast as video banner

If you often wander around on the net, you will find that there are more and more Websites changing their banners to introduction videos, almost all of which are 2-min movie clips with full audio presenting what their sites do and what product/service they can offer you. Many video banners are auto-played so once you come across to the site, you can watch them instantly. And this is a good start that visitor come to understand your site inconsciently.

Make tutorials for product and service

When visitors want to get more information about your products or service, there will be no other ideal ways to have them get the answer but watching some screencasts with detailed explaination. Many Web designers introduce their products and service by putting masses of texts and pictures on the product/service pages. It is OK but now things turn to be easier and clearer with screen recording software. You record screencast about how to get access to the service and how to use the product correctly, making them Wikipedia videos so that every visitor can easily learn the thing you offer to them.

Introduce yourself to visitor

According the research of online consumption habits, most consumers like to check out the information of site owners at about us page. In that case, adding a self introduction video at about us page is also a positive way to win the trust of visitors.

It can be a slideshow video which is created from PowerPoint, or just a few-sentence introduction with staff photos. Some screen recording software like DemoCreator [] enable users to import images to the video and do some decoration jobs like add the illustration and callouts. Besides, if you want to turn the presentation to Flash movie or video and present it to the vistors while retaining the animations in the original PowerPoint files. By watching this, visitors can feel they are facing a group of real and trustable people, indicating the higher conversion rate of your Website.

Screencast now turns to be the hot point. It can make a great impact on whatever old or new Websites. Web designers can make good use of the benefits that screen recording software brings to them. And making screencast can be highly considered in the new site building schedule and published at the same time when your site is accomplished.

About the author: Adward Chan is a software consultant who interests in Screen recording software in presentation, training and e-learning. He is willing to share all education techs and knowledge to everyone gets ready for e-learning.

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