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School Fundraising Tips Part 1

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Author: Jolian Grant

Fundraising is much more efficient and fun if it's organized correctly. Taking the time to make a plan is key to getting the most out of your school fundraising campaign. During the execution of a fundraiser there is always a lot going at once so a clear game plan will help keep you focused.

Fundraising Preparation

This has to be stressed up front or you will be. Make sure that you've picked a professional fundraising company and a product or program you feel comfortable with. Make sure that time has been allotted for the campaign and that you have a written plan of your objectives. Once the campaign has started and you have people coming to you for decisions this plan will be what keeps you focused and on track.


There are many steps involved in a fundraiser, each of which will need to be supervised. You may have to handle the co-ordination of students and parents, the collection of money and the delivery of the product. If the fundraiser is on a large scale it's a good idea to have other people working with you. Delegating tasks will not only lighten your workload but also help keep the little things organized.

Selling the Product

Prepare your students and parents by telling them about the program and the key selling points for the products. You might even consider writing out a sample sales pitch to pass out. Give your sellers some tips on how to get past objections and how to use gentle persistence; no need to be pushy but ask them to get past the first no. Ask your students to practice their sales pitch a couple of times before the campaign kicks off. They'll find that it builds confidence in their approach which will translate into better success for them. It also helps if the students can answer questions regarding what the money will go towards and about when you are expecting to wrap up the fundraiser and receive the products.

Fundraising Feedback

Take time to listen to your students and parents as they tell you how the donors are responding to the campaign. Do they like the product? What questions are being asked the most? Go to the most experienced sellers, the ones that have done several campaigns with you and ask what they see. The feedback from your team can help streamline your fundraising and push it to new heights.

Keeping Motivated

It might be a good idea to meet half way through the campaign to regroup. Answer questions and let everyone know how sales are progressing. Advertise your ongoing sales at the school using a Fund Thermometer or with PA announcements. Keeping the fundraiser fresh in your student's and parent's minds will ensure that they don't simply forget that they are supposed to be selling!

These steps will take you from the organization of your fundraising campaign the execution. In part 2 we'll look at the details o wrapping up your fundraiser.

About the author: Jolian Grant is owner and operator of has over 16 years experience helping schools,churches and youth groups acheive their fundraising goals. To date Jolian has helped raise over 45 million dollars for charitable causes.

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