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Rules In A Florida Vacation Villa

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Author: Chris Neilson

The answer is "yes" and "no" ! There are very few, (in fact, I've condensed it down to just four) but ultimately it all boils down to common sense and respect for the owners of the vacation property.

Sounds pretty good huh ? And it is… so here are the few simple rules that the villa owner will expect you to obey during your occupancy.

Check In & Check Out Times :

Please adhere to the times stated on your booking forms. These are stated for a reason and are part of the contract that you make with the owner when you agree to book their accommodation. Early check ins cause terrible problems for the cleaning staff, who work like Trojans in order to ensure your first impression is a great impression. Look at it this way… if it normally takes the cleaners 4-5 hours to clean the villa, and you arrive early, it is not going to make them clean any faster ! You will not be allowed entry to the villa until the job is complete, so if you do arrive early, take the opportunity to do a little shopping and stock up on those daily essentials.

Likewise, late check outs cause problems as this has a knock on effect throughout the day, as the cleaners struggle to make up the time caused by a late check out. Imagine you were the guests arriving on a day that the previous guests had checked out late. And imagine how annoyed you would be if the villa wasn't ready, just because of someone else's selfishness.

So the general rule of thumb, is to please check in and check out on time. Remember that if you overstay your welcome, as with hotels, you will be charged an additional fee.

Notices :

The villa owner and their management company will have gone to great lengths to ensure that the appropriate signage is displayed inside and outside the villa. Some people say that these signs are insulting to their intelligence, but the bottom line is that they are the law, and an owner can be fined if they are not displayed. Besides which, they are there for your health and safety, so take note of them and follow the instructions they give.

General Behaviour :

Always remember that you are staying in a privately owned home ~ not something owned by a faceless corporation. Villa owners spend thousands of dollars a year maintaining and upgrading their homes to ensure that you, as guests, get the best value for money vacation experience that you can.

Please don't disrespect the owner's property, and the trust they have placed in you by turning your accommodation into "dump" or a "party house". Would you like your home and your possessions damaged ? Of course not ! So please don't think that an owner will feel any differently.

Report any accidents immediately to the management company. Don't try to hide the evidence in the hope that you will get away with it. Trust me… you wont ! Also bear in mind that if the manager is not given time to repair damage or replace damaged items, the next guests will have to suffer the consequences of your actions. Put yourself in their position, and do the right thing !

Pool Rules:

One of the greatest things about renting a private villa is the fact that get your own private swimming pool too. However, care must be take at all times in and around the pool, especially if you have children in your party.

The villa owner will give specific details of pool safety in their Welcome Folder, and you will also see signs at poolside, which are required by Florida State Law. Please read these carefully and follow them to the letter.

A legal requirement in a short term rental villa is the provision of a pool alert alarm which should be fitted to any internal door which leads out to the pool area. This alarm will sound whenever a door is opened, and is designed to alert parents to small children who may have entered the pool area unnoticed. It is an excellent safety feature. An override button on the alarm, which can be activated by adults will ensure that the siren does not become annoying.

Many guests however simply disarm this alarm, showing total disregard for the safety of their children. Not only is this stupid beyond belief, but also an arrestable offence in the State of Florida, with fines of $5,000.00 being levied against offenders.

Again, be smart, think health and safety, and do the right thing.

And that my friends is pretty much it ! Nothing too scary or overwhelming. Just simple common sense and courtesy. Follow these rules and you will not only enjoy a fantastic vacation, but you will always be welcomed back to the villa again, year after year after year.

Copyright 2005 Chris Neilson

About the author

Chris Neilson is a professional writer and private Villa Owner who has an extensive knowledge of the Florida Travel Industry. He is also the senior copywriter for the well known Florida Vacation Rentals web site Orlando Villas -

© Copyright Chris Neilson 2005 All Rights Reserved

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