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Relaxation is Not an Escape

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Author: Jose L Pineda

There are any number of definitions for what we call 'relaxation'. In terms of the human experience, one might say that relaxation is the decrease in tension of something like the body (or a body part) using techniques based on physical and breathing exercises to relieve tension.

However, most people do not think about relaxation in those terms. Instead, many people simply associate certain activities outside their jobs with the meaning of being relaxed. In other words, in our language (and in the popular culture), relaxation is the act of escaping the problems of everyday life.

In my opinion, this association between escaping everyday life, and the activities that people use to become 'relaxed,' is actually part of what robs many people of the opportunity to live a full life. I base my opinion on this idea: escaping your life carries the implication that your life does not deserve your full attention. It is as though your life is something you bear while waiting for the opportunity to run away from your captors: your problems, emotions, thoughts, etc.

For me, relaxation is just another component of a full life. It is really another tool you can use to build the life you really want to live. If you think about relaxation as the product of natural processes in your life, instead of thinking of it as an escape from something abnormal, you will see that relaxation becomes an act of power in the context of your human experience.

Watching television is not relaxing. It is simply a distraction. What value might there be in pausing your thoughts about the misery that overwhelms your life, only to replace it with the misery so prevalent on television?

Movies, novels and news about intrigue, revenge, death, disease, poverty, disasters, or injustice to other people simply increase the negativity that already exists in your mind.

It is imperative to calm the hustle and bustle in your mind, and that you open the door to new possibilities for success in your life. You can program yourself for success changing your subconscious thoughts, and the first step is to use relaxation to facilitate this new programming.

About the author: Jose Pineda is a musician, techie, internet marketer, part-time philosopher, and all-around happy guy. Read his blog at

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