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Ready, Aim...Aim...Aim

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Author: Brian Grinonneau

Hard pulling the trigger isn't it? Due diligence is done. Research from A to Z: complete. It's time to fire. Wait. Let's just check a few more things. There's only one chance to get it right.

Drop the hammer and FIRE!

Talk with a small business owner and he has a hard time, sometimes, putting a plan in action. He fears failure. He loathes loss. We all do. But business is about being bold and forthright. It's about knowing you have the right product at the right time. It's about decisive action.

When you started the business, you were resolute. A few bumpy trips around the block and you're gun shy. Spend enough time in that state and your business needs life support. Look within. Take stock of your strengths. Take some risks. Plan and execute. Ready—Aim—Fire.

About the author

Brian Grinonneau is the general manager of McMann & Tate Advertising an agency that insists its customers tell their story like it has never been told before.

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