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Quick Guide to Wedding Catering: Part One

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Author: Amy Spade

After watching the happy couple exchange vows and begin their married life together, your guests will be hungry. Many of the guests may have scaled back on eating in order to look good for pictures or just because they were so busy during the day.

So feed them right.

Different needs

When you're putting together such a large assortment of people, there are bound to be those that have certain ways or preferences of eating. You may find that there are vegetarians or those that can not eat dairy. You might have a diabetic in the crowd or some other health restriction.

Do you have to make arrangements for everyone?

You should certainly try to have options for any sort of eating arrangement. In the case of those that don't eat meat, you might want to have a cheese lasagne available or other pasta dish. This is becoming widely popular to have two options anyways, so why not offer them?

Another way to cope with varied needs is to serve dinner in a buffet style. This allows each person to pick only what they want or what they can eat.

How to find good food

A lot of wedding caterers rely on word of mouth (no pun intended) to get their services recognized. If you can, talk to other people that have gotten married in your town to see who they recommend. Of course, you will still want to see them for yourself, but this list can be a great starting point.

Another way to find good catering is to talk to the reception hall coordinators. Many times they will either require the use of a particular caterer or they have a list of those that they recommend.

Of course, you will want to schedule an appointment with all of the catering candidates in order to do a taste test of their menu options. At that point, you can pick what you think your guests will enjoy.

A good meal is a great way to send your thanks to your guests for coming to your wedding. This is the part that shouldn't be skimped on for any reason. Of course, that doesn't mean that you can't find moderately priced options.

Try your favourite restaurant, for example. If they're able to cater, then you may be able to get a better deal because you're buying food in bulk.

Having a friend who is a cook is even better—so long as they don't mind working through the wedding.

About the author

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