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Put The Sparkle Back Into Christmas Hamper Shopping

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Author: Andrew Regan

Indulgence at Christmas is as traditional as Mistletoe and Wine which is why hampers continue to be so popular at Christmas time. Receiving a hamper is like receiving a large box of goodies - you just don't know what you are going to pull out next, will it be a box of after dinner mints or a jar of cranberry sauce?

Christmas hampers are traditionally sent as Christmas gifts for hardworking employees, valued clients or for family and friends. They can contain standard Christmas fayre such as Christmas puddings, brandy butter and a good bottle of red wine but these days we have many more options with hamper companies offering different themed hamper choices.

But our natural enthusiasm for Christmas hamper gifts is dampened by higher costs and lower quality goods. Some companies that provide a hamper service at Christmas are under increased pressure to raise costs. Finely packaged luxury food items are understandably expensive and Christmas hamper producers must try to make a profit.

Many of us are also wary following the close of Farepack, a Christmas hamper company that has gone into administration leaving it's customers without their hampers at Christmas and little chance of getting their money back. This is devastating news for families who have made regular year-round payments as a way of saving for Christmas.

Christmas's past are engrained in our memories. It's easy to be nostalgic about the way things were and we want to recreate the warm fuzzy feeling of a traditional Christmas. Because of all of this, it is now the next new trend to send or receive a Christmas hamper as a gift to a friend, colleague or client. So how do we get the sparkle of the Christmas hamper gift back?

To create a luxury Christmas gift, without suffering expense and disappointment, there are a couple of possible choices available. The first is to put on our creativity hats and make a do-it-yourself hamper, the second is to trust in the smaller, niche Christmas hamper outlets to supply quality local produce.

The specialist companies that can provide a bespoke service and luxury Christmas hamper ranges online can ensure a polished end result with a luxurious gift that reflects the valued relationship between the hamper giver and the recipient. These companies can source high quality and hand crafted local products to make a truly special Christmas hamper.

For a more personal touch, hamper contents can be bought cheaply from specialist stores or bulk suppliers. Decorating it and filling it can be a fun and rewarding, but time consuming, experience.

Creating or purchasing a bespoke Christmas hamper will provide the giver with the control to ensure that the recipient gets exactly the gift that is required, and as well as being able to determine the content and the overall price.

About the author: Andrew Regan is an online journalist who enjoys socialising at his local Edinburgh rugby club.

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