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Psst...You Been Neofused Yet?

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Author: Kevin Browne

Been neofused yet? If you haven't you soon will.

This new Social Network site appears in what seems like the nick of time as the economy suffers on uncontrollably. MOre and more, there is a pressing need for businesses, especially small to mid sized businesses to be able to find out what works in terms of making heartier profits.

>From the one man aluminum siding company in Chicago to the 12 location gym owners in Baton Rouge, the net problem is still the same...what works best when trying to build business.

Are newspaper insertions the way to go for florists? Do radio campaigns work for business opportunity seekers? Are car dealers using Flash banners on high traffic sites and getting the most bang for the buck?

These are the real questions that are being asked so that these very small businesses DO NOT make the same mistakes over and over and waste thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

BY enabling a collaborative business exchange of useful content that drives businesses, the founders of Neofuse stress that their number one core value is increasing the bottom line of their members.

Nothing else matters.

And nothing else should. By allowing the passage of real data about opt-in mechanisms, and email marketing and video conferencing, these small businesses are all getting SMARTER!

And smarter shows up on the bottom line very, very quickly.

If you are searching for a real way to engage with other business owners on the net and you are willing to PUSH great content to them knowing that good things will come back to you when you do, then you, my new friend are certainly ready to be Neofused.

About the author: Kevin Browne is 19 year Madison Avenue veteran, and now owner of He and his partners are now teaching people how to SPECIFICALLY make money online. To replicate their success, visit and FINALLY make the money you know you should be making online!

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