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Promote Your Website With A Listing On Another Remax Agent's Website

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Author: Joe Cline

Are you interested in helping potential clients find your Remax website? Running a website to promote your real estate services can be a great way to increase business, but people need to be able to find you first. One of the best things you can do to increase traffic to your site is make sure you are listed as a resource for your area by other Remax Agents. Read on to find out why making sure you have inbound links from other agents can help potential clients find you before they find a competitor.

Referrals Generate Direct Traffic

When a client looks for a real estate agent online that they have seen in a local advertisement or listing, they may not find someone who serves the area they are looking for. A direct link from the website they do find to a Remax Agent who does serve their area is a great way to make sure this customer gets the help they need. By having links available at other Remax websites, you can make sure that when these people look for an agent in your neighborhood they find your site first. The visitors you get through direct referrals from another Remax Agent's site are more likely to work with you because they trust the referral of the local agent they found first.

Links Generate Indirect Traffic From Search Engines

One of the most valuable types of traffic you can get to your website is traffic from search engines searching for a real estate agent in your home area. When you have links pointing to your site from another popular Remax site, search engines will find your page and start displaying it much faster. Many popular search engines use links to move from one website to another online, so without links that point to your site these search engines may not know your site exists. Making sure another website links to yours is a great way to make sure that search engines show your website to potential clients.

Links Help Search Engines Know What Your Site Is About

When a search engine sees a link from another Remax site that points at your site, the link is used to help the search engine figure out what your site is about. If you want your website to show up when people search for real estate agents in your home area, a link from another real estate site is a great way to make sure that happens. Links that point to your site tell search engines that other websites consider your site to be a good place for people looking for real estate agents to see. This will help your site show up when people look for a Remax Agent in your home city.

You can help potential clients find your site by making sure you get listed on other Remax websites. A listing on a Remax Agent's website will help you get direct traffic from that site as well as indirect traffic from people looking for a real estate agent in your area. Because search engines place so much value on inbound links, it is important to make sure other Remax Agents are linking in to your page.

About the author: Joe Cline writes about various topics including real estate and SEO. If you'd like to be considered for a referral link at Joe's Remax Agent Referral List, contact Joe via email. The referrals listing is currently only open to REMAX Agents and Brokers, but if suitable agents are not available, we will consider non-REMAX agents.

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