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Prom-Day Prep

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Author: Differin Staff

The big day is finally here! What you do during the day can have a major impact on you'll look and feel tonight. Here are some smart prom-day strategies.

Don't forget food

Skipping meals so you can fit into your outfit is not a smart strategy. Fasting will leave you weak, tired and majorly moody come prom time—and that's no fun. A few light meals throughout the day will give you the ongoing oomph you need to have a blast at night. Some good-for-you, energy-boosting options include yogurt and cereal, eggs and toast, a whole-wheat bagel with peanut better, a turkey sandwich and snacks like fruit and cheese.

Give your locks luster

A deep conditioning treatment or hair mask can give limp locks the sudden surge they need to be your crowning glory. Leave on for 15-20 minutes under a shower cap or towel, then blow with a hair dryer for a few minutes before you rinse; the heat will help the conditioner penetrate.

Make nice to your nails

Nothing finishes off an outfit like well-groomed nails, and giving yourself a manicure is a cinch. Remove old polish, shape nails, then slick on pretty polish; try a clear or neutral shade or a hue that matches your dress. Feel like some extra-pampering? Grab some girlfriends and treat yourselves to professional manicures (your toes could use a treat too!).

Break a sweat

Doing something active will make you feel healthy and rev up those exercise-induced, feel-good chemicals in your brain. Any activity that significantly increases your heart rate will work: go for a run, climb your stairs ten times, take a bike ride or just do some jumping jacks, push ups and crunches while watching TV.

Catch some z's

Even though you've got lots to do today, taking a nap will help you relax and up your energy for the big—and probably late—night. Even just 20 minutes can revive and refresh. If you having trouble drifting off to dreamland, just laying in a dark, quiet room can help you mellow out.

Soak it up

A scented bubble bath will help relax your body and mind. Toss in some essential oils and it can also leave you soft and silky. Just don't soak longer than 20 minutes or skin can get wrinkled and dry.

Charge it

Tonight's going to be one to remember so make sure you're ready to capture the memories on your camera or camcorder. Make sure batteries are charged and there's enough room on your memory card for all those pretty pics!

About the author: The staff writers from Differin ( have written a series of articles to help you get ready and look your best for prom. Visit ( to find more helpful prom-prep tips and enter to win a "Posh Prom Makeover".

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