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Product Liability Taking a Closer Look

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Author: Jhun Derek Rota

People purchase products to achieve certain goals. But what if the product you bought does not function properly, and it poses hazardous threats? If you are living in Los Angeles, you can seek legal help from experienced lawyers specializing in product liability. Los Angeles product liability attorneys will evaluate your situation whether you have a case or not. They will also inform you different types of product defects that can help you evaluate your situation yourself.

The following are the different types of product defects:

Manufacturing defects - A product is considered to have manufacturing defects if it does not meet the standards and specifications of the manufacturers themselves. The law may approach this kind of defect using two doctrines. The first doctrine tells that the defect may be present because of the manufacturer's negligence. If this claim has been backed up by proper evidence, the manufacturer will need to prove otherwise. The second doctrine, which follows strict liability, states that the defect was not caused by manufacturer negligence. Instead, the product itself has caused the defect. If this claim has been proven, the plaintiff is entitled to recover any losses caused by the defective product.

Design defects - This kind of defect is apparent if the product's intended design has some flaws or weaknesses that make it dangerous. In this case, the complainant needs to present evidence of these defects. With the help of a specialized lawyer, he would suggest safer ways to design the product and maintain its intended function. However, if the design was so dangerous that it never should have been manufactured in the first place, the designer may not be liable even though a safer design is presented.

Marketing defects - These defects include faulty packing and labeling of products before they are sent to stores. If the misrepresentation has been proven to be intentional, a product liability claim is feasible.

Those are the different types of product defects that can be used to file complaints for product liability. However, be informed that there are products that are unavoidably unsafe. For instance, knives should be razor sharp to function properly. In this instance, it is the consumer who needs to adjust to proper techniques to handle a knife. To make sure you are on the right track, contact Los Angeles product liability attorneys for legal assistance.

While you are considering filing a complaint liability, here are some of the common defenses defendants use to avoid liability.

The complainant has not specifically pinpointed who is responsible for the product defect. He should be able to establish a good connection between the manufacturer and the product.

The plaintiff has altered the product that caused injury or loss. To conduct a counter-defense, the complainant may tell the court that he misused the product because the proper way was not indicated in the product's manual or guide.

To help you pursue claims for injuries caused by defective products, consult with our expert Los Angeles product liability attorneys. Visit our website at and avail of our free case analysis.

About the author: Jhun Derek Rota took up English language studies from a State University and has previous experience as a journalist. He is a freelance writer who has written articles under various topics such as education, employment, insurance, banking, and tourism. He took a step further and started to write personal injury and social security articles to inform people who are in need of reliable legal assistance.

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