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Pre-Selling -- The Key To Effective Affiliate Marketing

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Author: Dan Vila

Affiliate marketing is successful business model if done right. An important component to affiliate marketing success is pre-selling. In fact, pre-selling is central to affiliate marketing. It involves establishing a trusting relationship with your web site visitors and getting them in a ready-to-buy frame of mind before you send them to a merchant's product sale page.

Unfortunately, pre-selling is also one of the most misunderstood and underestimated skills of the affiliate marketer. One of the biggest mistakes new affiliate marketers make is trying to make the sale themselves when really, that is the job of the merchant.

The function of the affiliate marketer is different from the merchant. You, the affiliate, must PRE-sell. The merchant sells. Your job is to get targeted traffic and put them in a "buying state" so that when they do arrive at the merchant's site (through your affiliate link, of course), they are receptive to the merchant's product offering.

The secret about pre-selling is in the content the affiliate shows to his prospects. The content of your landing page or affiliate review article should provide useful information for the intended audience. So, you should have a good idea who your possible audience would be, what the person's concerns or problems could be, and why he might be interested in your web page or article in the first place.

The affiliate marketer should try to establish a trusted relationship with the web site visitor. You should try to be the reader's friend. Be sincere in your desire to address the target market's concerns with the product or service your are pre-selling to them. Avoid any hard sell, but only "sprinkle" your affiliate recommendations in your writing.

Establish credibility by "speaking" to the visitor in a way that shows you understand him and can help him. It helps to speak the "language" of your target market. Your content can written from that perspective. It is also wise to make sure your content agrees with the product information and message the merchant gives in his sales page.

When you have written your landing page or article review, then put yourself in the visitor's shoes, think of your target market's concerns, and then read what you have written from that perspective. Hopefully, your content will give the visitor the feeling that he is "talking" to a friend who is giving good advice.

The more targeted your content is to the audience visiting your web site, the more likely the reader will trust you and follow your suggestions. When you can do this, you are in a position to direct the prospect to the merchant's sale page confident that they will be more receptive to the offer the merchant presents.

Pre-selling is vitally important to your success in affiliate marketing. You have to present information in a way that makes your prospects like and trust you.

Prospects convinced of your good intentions are more likely to opt-in, accept your recommendation to visit the merchant's sale page and, if the merchant has a good sales page, buy a product. Affiliates who pre-sell effectively see much better conversion rates than those who simply send visitors "cold" to the merchant's selling page.

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About the author: Dan Vila is a successful work-from-home Internet marketer. His website, , has products, product reviews, articles, tips and resources for affiliate marketing.

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