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Pregnancy Books – 9 Fantastic Techniques To Choosing The Books About Pregnancy That Suit You!

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Author: Ty Lamai

Besides being overwhelming, pregnancy can be an exciting time of life for most women. Luckily there a number of books that are available which can help you understand what is happening to your body, mind, and spirit during this period in your life. To aid in your decision making, you will require a few of these books; it is not mandatory that you get every book on the subject of pregnancy, but you will require a few very good guides on the topic which will keep you informed and prepared. The challenge here is that they are a phalanx of books out there from hardbacks to paperbacks, from eBooks to eReports to eGuides. Not to worry, this article will reveal 9 techniques that will help you choose those pregnancy books that are right for you.

#1 - Ask Other Parents

My mantra is this; "You do not need to reinvent the wheel…" Before you became pregnant, other people had gone ahead and even delivered their own babies. Instead of trying so hard to decide what, who, where, why, and how, you really only need to ask these parents what books they found helpful the most during their own pregnancies. Alternatively, you could get the staff at your health care provider's office to recommend a few books for you. Always remember that everyone has a preference; you will need to decide for yourself what works best for you.

#2 - Visit Your Local Library

You could also search their online catalog. The point here is to get a feel of what kinds of books exist on the topic and what sorts of books might be of interest to you. While a few of these might be worth purchasing, you might want to save some money by borrowing those ones that are worth reading only once from the library.

#3 - Used Bookstores

If you are looking to save some money, you could research used bookstores. You will often times discover quite a lot of books that are of good quality at great prices in these bookstores. This is due to the fact that many people usually keep books on pregnancy and babies for only a few years.

#4 - Review Books

If you need to cut through the whole chase, you could opt for books that are specifically written as a review resource for the whole pregnancy process. These books are in different formats ranging from those that deal with the changes in the body of the expectant mother, to those that deal with the developing baby, and then the books that deal with the whole enchilada from conception to birth is a week-to-week form.

#5 - Pictures

You may be excited by picture about the whole pregnancy process. There are books out there that contain these pictures and you could pick them. Some of these pregnancy books contain lots of color photographs, while others have illustrations and sketches. What type you eventually settle for will most likely be as a result of your budget.

#6 - Get A Pregnancy Journal

The advantage of getting a pregnancy journal is this; they usually contain relevant stories about each stage of pregnancy and contain great information also. They are also a place where you can record your own feelings, thoughts and experiences during pregnancy.

#7 - Specialized Books

You should get books that address specialized areas that interest you. These areas may include personal stories from other women, pregnancy exercises, pregnancy diet, pregnancy at a late age, or pregnancy as a single mom.

#8 - Get One Book At The Least

Although there are a lot of books on the topic of pregnancy, this should not be a deterrent where getting a book is concerned. In the worst case scenario, you should at least get one book that covers the birth process once you enter into your third trimester. Natural childbirth, water birth and homebirth are all types of births which the book should cover.

#9 - Get A Book About Breastfeeding

If you plan to nurse your baby (and you should), then you need to buy a book about breastfeeding. During pregnancy, your body begins to prepare for this process. Because of this, it is advisable that you prepare your mind as well as the rest of you also.

Note that pregnancy books that are in print are usually not up to date. You will need to support most of these with books from the internet which are more likely to be up-to-date.

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