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Prank Call Ideas - 5 Step Formula to Create Hilarious Prank Calls!

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Author: Luke Carter

Prank Calls can be a lot of fun, but not when you're sitting there waiting for a decent idea to spring up. It can get very boring.

As you can probably recall, these sort of pranks calls usually end up turning into very unconvincing stories, silly amounts of laughter and the phone being slammed down by the other person more or less straight away, which is no fun.

The most convincing and rewarding prank calls arise from keeping your "victim" on the phone for as long as possible, thereby making them believe that every word you are saying is true and generally making them looking like a bit of a buffoon.

Prank call masters know what it takes in order to pull the most outrageous pranks off. Read on to find out how you can too using our special formula.

Prank Call Examples

There are a lot of prank call videos on YouTube, but apart from being fun to watch, they won't help you generate your own prank ideas by themselves, and trying to replicate a prank call seen elsewhere will often sound false.

What you need is a formula...

A formula is very useful in this situation because it will allow you to plug in your own ideas under the different headings below and come up with something that will go down a treat. A good way to explain how the formula works is to refer to an actual prank call, which we will do below.

The Headings

Introduction - Introduce Yourself.

They say it's important to make a good first impression. Well the same goes for creating a good prank call.

You need to captivate your "victim" and make them curious. Saying something out of the blue or random during the first 5 seconds will usually sound the alarms and will either cause them to hang up or get angry and then hang up!

The conversation has to be very believable. Watch this video on YouTube to see what I mean (Come back though!) -

The pranksters start by introducing themselves with phony names to add credibility and start the conversation off.

Create a situation.

Make your "victim" curious and interested in what you are saying. Engage them in easy to understand conversation and listen to their reaction. This allows you to build a topic for the call and also explore their limits aswell. It's really an extension of the introduction.

Listen to how the pranksters start talking about the new local school that is about to open...

Ask some questions.

Asking simple and non private questions work well to get them talking. This is the key foundation work to build up credibility. Only ask questions after you've followed the above introductions, otherwise most people will get paranoid and hang up or act closed, which is not something you want to deal with during a prank call.

Remember the goal of the prank is to reel your "victim" in and then eventually humiliate them in some way. See how the pranksters in the video get the man talking with some simple questions and innocent conversation and smoothly make the transition to the actual windup thay have in store.

Making the transition.

A good way to bridge the gap between innocent conversation and your outrageous line-up is to bring in the element of confusion. If you watched the video you will have heard this transition start at about 2:26.

A soon as they react with surprise, it's time to increase the heat and pile on the humiliation.

Unleashing the prank.

Now that you've reached this stage of the prank call, it's time to have some fun.

You can now say outrageous things, ask strange questions and listen to the responses whilst the person still actually believes it's a genuine call.

There are many options available from here, but remember, the more convincing, the more you can get away with and the more fun you will have.

The best way to prepare for a prank call is to write the headlings down on a piece of paper and use bullet points to act as a quick reference if you get lost.

About the author: If you are interested in more Prank Call Ideas, please visit: where you will find lots of Hilarious Ideas for Prank Calls.

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