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Practical Gifts Can Outshine the Whimsical

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Author: Chris Robertson

Throughout my life, I've been fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of the generosity and thoughtfulness of my family and friends. Over the years, I've received wonderful gifts, some of them whimsical and others practical. Although I've appreciated every single one, I've often found that the practical gifts I've received have had a longer lasting impact than the fanciful.

Ironically, my experience is that a friend or family member who gives me a practical gift - like a household gift - often apologizes for it. For example, I received a new vacuum cleaner from my significant other for Christmas. I desperately needed a new vacuum cleaner, and he did extensive research to find the most highly rated vacuum cleaner in his price range. It was exactly what I wanted and needed, but he nonetheless apologized for the gift's unromantic nature. The apology was so unnecessary, but he repeated it again and again. The truth is, every time I use the vacuum, I think of him and appreciate his thoughtfulness.

Likewise, I've received computers as gifts twice in my life. A computer is extremely practical, since I use it at least eight hours a day. No, it's not the most romantic gift - like jewelry - or whimsical gift in the universe, but I never cease to appreciate the person who gave me my computer. It allows me to work, to play games, and to communicate with my friends and family.

I've not only been the recipient of practical gifts, but I've given my share of practical gifts as well. My boyfriend is into amateur car racing, and I've actually given him car parts as gifts. The car parts have given him the extra boost he needs to achieve new personal bests at the track, and I know that he thinks of me as he's revving his engine. I also know that he appreciates those practical gifts more than he would watches, DVDs, electronics, or other kinds of grown-up toys.

It's my belief that selecting appropriate gifts is more than a pastime or entertainment. Choosing the right gift means knowing your recipient and what he or she needs and wants. There are times when whimsical gifts are fun and fanciful, but there are other times when practical gifts are the order of the day. For me, and for many of the people to whom I give presents, useful and practical gifts outshine ethereal gifts any day of the week.

Every morning when I toast my bagel, I think of my sister, who gave me a shiny red toaster for my birthday last year. For me, that's proof that practical gifts serve as everyday reminders of the people who are nearest and dearest to me.

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