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PPC Advertising: Where Do You Start?

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Author: Monia Hassan

PPC Advertising could be the most fast & effective methods of online promotion, once you understand how to follow its strategy, targeted traffic are driven to your website.

PPC Advertising in simple matters is promoting your website in terms of paid listings in search engines.

What you need to create your PPC Campaign?

Proper bid management for potential keywords increases ad exposure anytime someone uses a related search term, this increase click through rate (CTR) from prospect leads.

Conduction of market research is a crucial step to start your PPC Advertising strategy with; defining your target markets will help you select your keywords. Emphasize on niche keywords that are not so competitive for lower bidding cost, especially if you have your budget determined.

In PPC Advertising creating an attractive sales copy containing relevant keyword phrases in title & description is challenging. Therefore learning the techniques is worth all the time before starting with the campaign.

PPC Ad copy style needs to be simple & straight, especially the title as it is most significant for visitor's observance, adjust the keywords in order to comply with what you offer to earn credibility. Make sure your ad points to the appropriate landing page, the last thing you want is to mislead your website visitors & have them hunt for the information they are searching, a turnoff like that means losing money.

Calculating your conversion rate is important to do in order to measure the campaign success for a certain period of time. This is done by dividing number of visitors by number of sales, and then by dividing net profit per sale by conversion rate you will know your precise value of CTR as cost per click should not exceed it or else loss occurs.

For example, for every 100 visitors from your PPC ad, you expect 1 sale. You spend 15 $ on click ads to spread over the 100 visitors the 15 cents should be the bidding CPC to breakeven.

Analyzing & monitoring of visitor behavior will help you understand their interests & habits; this will make it easier to select your keywords for better PPC management. Make sure you don't fall for click fraud attempts, examples of this are:

-Multiple clicks from a single IP address.
-Large amount of clicks at a specific period of time
-Clicks from countries where no business is conducted


Once you strategize your PPC advertising campaign, determine the maximum CPC you are willing pay for specific keyword phrase. According to your ad conversion rate, profit margins as well as other factors value of CPC could change at certain times.

About the author: Monia Hassan is specialized in providing SEO services. Working for Moon Search Engine Optimization Company ( specialized in SEO services.

Writing SEO articles is part of her task, to help increase people knowledge of what trends are used by search engines on an updated basis.

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